Most Searched Romantic Comedies In The US On Valentine's Day 2020: From Crazy Rich Asians to Love Actually, Movies That Top The V-Day Watch-list
Crazy Rich Asians, Love Actually Posters (Photo Credits: File Image)

It is Valentine's Day! After a long week of celebration of various days across the globe, the main day has to be celebrated with glamour. Netizens on social media are trending the mush-filled day with their take on love and romance. The film lovers always have one thing in place and that is a rom-com date. As cliched as it sounds, cine-goers are damn serious when it comes to romantic dramas. This list of most searched romantic comedies in the US on Valentine's Day 2020 is the fine example of the same. 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Crazy Rich Asians, Just Go With It, Love Actually, Pretty Woman, Silver Linings Playbook, The Proposal, Think Like a Man, Two Weeks Notice are included in the list. Valentine's Day 2020: Marriage Story, La La Land, Her and Other Films That Show Love is Beyond Just Happy Endings.

Google trends released this list of ten movies that are the typical romantic comedies that every cheesy lover or movie lover must have watched at least once. The list is everything perfect for a romantic date! Well, at least the viewers in the US think so. Check out the list of the movies that are trending on V-day 2020. Most of these films are available on the Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming platforms.

Here's The Tweet by Google Trends:

In case you are yet to watch any of these and you are a die-hard romantic at heart, this list might be helpful for your movie marathon. Of course, there are more and more experiments happening in the film industry and people are spoilt for choices. But to be honest, romantic films have their own set of the fanbase and mood which automatically makes them the perfect 'comfort zone' at times! Which of these movies have you watched? Tag your friend below with whom you would like to play these films right away!