New Fan Theory Of Avengers: Endgame Proposes That Vision Who Died In Infinity War Will Save The Day! Here's How
Fan theory suggests Vision might return too. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Cooking up theories about the trending superhero movies is sort of become a favourite pastime of fans. Even before the teaser trailer of Avengers' fourth part, Endgame, released, fans had a lot to speculate about what would happen, who would survive and who would perish. And looks like with the teaser trailer out, here's a new fan theory that is interesting but the possibility of turning true is shades of grey.

This latest fan theory speaks of the time when Vision asked Scarlett Witch (Wanda Maximoff) to strike him down and kill him before Thanos arrives and takes the stone away. Against her wishes, Scarlett Witch does the deed in what could be considered one of the most chilling and powerful scenes of the film. Vision perishes under Wanda's powers and disintegrates into red pieces. However, what happens when Thanos brings him back to lifee only this time to retrieve the stone and let him die? That is what the theory discusses.

A Reddit user has stated, “When Vision dies through Wanda's hands, we saw him shatter into red pieces of himself but when Thanos rewinds time and grabs the stone on his head, he grayed out almost like this time he was able to transfer his mind to the mind stone and might've even had an influence on what actually happened to the dusted characters. Thanos thinks he killed half of all life but Vision might've put them elsewhere ...”

In a way, it does answer Thanos' sadness after thee decimation when he's sitting in one corner of Earth (perhaps?) pondering over his choice. Vision's role in the film is played by actor Paul Bettany.