Robert Pattinson's Look In Tenet Makes Twitterati Believe He Is Playing Christopher Nolan In The Film
Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in Tenet, Christopher Nolan (Photo credit: Twitter)

So a new trailer of Christopher Nolan's next feature Tenet released today. These trailers make us believe one day everything will be okay and we will watch a Nolan mind-bender on the big screen. The trailer is everything you would expect from the director whose Inception is still a mystery. The trailer suggests that the director is playing with time here as John David Washington's character can manipulate time. It's time inversion, as the trailer suggests. While many are extremely excited about the many action sets shown, Robert Pattinson's presence is also creating a lot of interest. In fact, some feel Pattinson is playing Nolan in the film as his look mirrors the director. Tenet New Trailer Reveals It Is Not About Time Travel but Time Inversion (Watch Video)

Apart from the perfect placement of Pattinson's entry in the trailer right after it says the director of The Dark Knight trilogy, Twitterati just can't get over the fact that he has been modeled after the director himself.  First watch the trailer here...

Now check out the reactions:

Jumping to conclusions!

Confirmations have been received

But some questions need to be asked

Now that's a bit unnecessary! 

Ouch! That will hurt

Devil is in the details, eh?

And the questions continue...

Now we can only wait for some statement regarding this from either Robert or Nolan. But we kinda don't mind it. What do you think?