The Continental – From the World of John Wick is the spin-off series of the John Wick franchise that has been much anticipated. The series is all set to premiere on September 22 on Prime Video and Peacock. Although the early reviews have come in for The Continental, so if you're thinking of watching the series and are interested in checking out the reviews first, here's what critics have to say. The Continental Trailer Out! John Wick’s Spin-Off Series To Stream On Amazon Prime Video From September 22.

Variety - Despite the name, "The Continental" offers little new information as to the hotel’s origins or operations, which might be of interest to devoted “John Wick” fans. Instead, the show heaps on emotional context that runs counter to the films’ artful minimalism. And Gibson, however distasteful as a public figure, is at least effectively menacing. The Continental still comes off like a grave misunderstanding of what enthusiasts might want from a "John Wick" without John Wick.

IGN The Continental has all the right pieces to the puzzle of telling a story set under the High Table, but compounding miscalculations about how best to put them together leaves the three-episode series feeling inconsequential. John Wick completists interested in a look at how Winston and Charon met and why Winston may have made some of the choices he did in the films have enough to keep them engaged, but there’s no doubt a better way to realize this world on the small screen than the scattershot, half-hearted execution of The Continental.

Times NowThe Continental: From the World of John Wick offers glimpses of the action and world-building that fans of the franchise adore. However, it stumbles in terms of plot execution, visual presentation, and a distracting casting choice. Despite its potential, the series falls short of reaching the high standards set by the John Wick films, making it a three-star contender in the realm of television spin-offs.

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