The Marvels follows Carol Danvers, Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau as they are called upon by Nick Fury to look into a jump point anomaly. The anomaly is triggered by Dar-Benn, the new Kree leader's use of one half of the Quantum Bands, after he acquires them. The film which will release soon, has received mixed reviews from critics so far. If you're interested in checking out early reviews of The Marvels, here's what critics have to say. The Marvels Final Trailer: Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau Tease Reality Bending Adventure With Surprise MCU Cameos.

IGN - As Carol reckons with her mistakes, she is also given the opportunity to be a person. Don’t take that to mean that this is the Captain Marvel show, though. The Marvels very much centers on all three of its leads. Each member of the ensemble gets a full character arc, with their closing moments. That’s noteworthy not just because writers DaCosta, Megan McDonnell and Elissa Karasik had the tall task of cramming three complete storylines into the MCU’s shortest movie yet, but because The Marvels matters a great deal to the franchise as a whole.

The VergeThe Marvels definitely stumbles with a few important elements like its early pacing and an unevenness with editing that sometimes makes it hard to keep track of how far-flung characters get from one place to another so quickly. But the risks The Marvels takes succeed far more often than they backfire, which is exactly the sort of promising energy the larger franchise has been lacking lately.

USA Today - While Ashton’s antagonist has a cool look as the latest MCU foe with understandable reasons for her nefarious actions, she and other aspects are rinse-and-repeat from what we’ve seen out of 32 movies already. The Marvels stands out not with the usual computer-generated imaging-filled, slo-mo action but instead with a wonderfully crafted physical brawl that wrecks the Khans’ Jersey City home.

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