It seems we have been waiting for aeons for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 to release but it is finally here. The success of Wonder Woman (2017) led to a paycheque for the sequel that made her the highest-paid female director in the world. And along with that, it also seems that the filmmaker got the chance to execute her vision with the least possible interruptions from the studio. Patty and lead heroine Gal Gadot also serve as producers, which must have also benefited the creative liberty. Because, boy, the climax of the film is all heart and no CGI. Well, there is CGI, of course, but at the core remains the culmination of human emotions, which is not any big studio's tentpole staple diet. It has to be the storyteller, I feel. HBO Max Set to Stream Lynda Carter's 'Wonder Woman' 1970s TV Series Ahead of 'WW84' Premiere.

In fact, at the essence of Wonder Woman 1984 lies a very humane story about emotions, love, loss, acceptance, approval. At no point, these emotions are sidelined to give for CGI rubble. Even, if the emotions come at the cost of an unnecessary, undercooked romance track - Patty went for it.

I mean, if your deceased love suddenly came back to life, would you take a moonlight walk, Netflix and chill, or would immediately panic for the entirety of the time? Diana Prince (Gal) goes for the former when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) returns. Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins Hopes That the Gal Gadot Film Lets Fans Discover the Hero Within.

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Diana also befriends Barbara (Kristen Wiig) - a clumsy, shabbily dressed gemologist looking to be popular - but the movie wants you to believe that the two ladies are the best of friends just after one dinner. Barbara's motives as she turns into a supervillain are strong, and lowkey relatable,  but the conflict in her relationship with the protagonist doesn't hit home. There are a few hiccups like this in the film, which if you can look past, Wonder Woman 1984 is a visually and auditorily appealing story that you would love to watch.

Pedro Pascal's spin on Maxwell Lord is risky, but it pays off so beautifully. He is not the super-masculine villain in the story, who gets the chance to show his machismo. Pedro is funny, cunning, manipulative and power-hungry - how real-life villains are! The actor has done a fab job. He is certainly the best in the lot.

Gal, Kristen, Chris also play their roles beautifully. Every time Gal cries on screen, your heart will ache too. When Kristen whimpers about her desire to not be patronised or harassed, somehow, you'd want to give her a hug.

The entire film, as mentioned earlier as well, culminates into a beautifully unique climax. Maybe it is the kind of chaotic world that we live in, but the end would make you wish this all were true.

Hats off to Patty for managing the balance between themes of the film and the superhero shenanigans. The movie delivers its message at a good pace, but without hindering the superhero sequences you've stepped in to watch. It doesn't dwell so long into the philosophies that you start missing Michael Bay.

The production design is brilliant. The costumes will be praised for long. God, Diana Prince has looked like a Goddess in every frame even when she's not in her Wonder Woman avatar. The '80s come to life once again. And the film is not just set in the '80s, at points, it also follows the technicalities of how superhero movies were in the '80s. That unexplainable 'It's a plane' vibe is there!


-Actors have done a fantastic job

-The story will tug at your heartstrings and teach you a thing or two about acceptance

-Set pieces are cool


- The CGI battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah is not well lit

- A few lumps in the story which make you question the character's intelligence

- Could have spent more time establishing Diana and Barbara's relationship for the end to hit home

Final Thoughts

Cinematography, music, story, acting and direction blend together for a charismatic runtime (2 hours 38 minutes) which makes Wonder Woman 1984 a must-watch. The story about heart is told with the passion and love that every heart deserves. Wonder Woman 1984 is a superhero movie with the warmth that 2020 deserves.


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