X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer 3: Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lawrence's Superhero Movie Looks Interesting, FINALLY! - Watch Video
Dark Phoenix (Photo Credits: Screenshot from YouTube)

20th Century Fox is giving up on X-Men, as per reports, but not before cashing it in with the final film, titled Dark Phoenix. When the first trailer of the film was released, fans accused it of being pretty much exactly the same as X-Men: The Last Stand. Insult to the injury were reports that claimed that the movie had bombed at three separate test screenings. Things started looking up with the second trailer that released about two weeks ago. Now, a third trailer -international - has been released by the studio and this might be the best of the three.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 3 should have been the first trailer to have it on track, to begin with. The trailer gives us enough info to understand the storyline, unlike trailer 1, and also hides crucial plot points, unlike Mystique dying in trailer 2.

The new trailer featuring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Jessica Chastain heavily, separates the movie from The Last Stand. The plot details of the two movies are the same due to the fact that both are based on the same storyline in the comics. Only, Dark Phoenix being a more faithful adaptation.

We get a clearer picture of how Jean Grey turns into the Dark Phoenix. I mean seriously why were makers trying to keep it a secret in the beginning as if the origin story is what we were waiting to see? If the botched space mission doesn't actually a role in the plot except for starting it, why keep it a secret?

Watch the New Trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix Below:

The silver lining is that with the newest trailer this movie is looking less and less like a trainwreck. X-Men Dark Phoenix opens in theatres on June 7. The Indian release date is yet to be disclosed.