Ishqbaaz December 7, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Jai is shocked to see Shivaay win the bid
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Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Rudra (Leenesh Matto) and Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) entering the office for attending the global team meet. The decision is out and Jai thinks he will win as he has already bid one rupee less than the Oberoi’s. But when the results are announced the Oberoi’s win the bid. Jai gets angry and goes out of the office, Rudra notices this and wonders what happened to him. Jai is very frustrated and cannot believe that he lost the bid, just then Rudra comes out and talks to Shivaay on phone. He informs him that the Oberois won the bid because he reduced the bid by 10% in the last moment. Jai on hearing this gets more furious and vows to get the deal back from Shivaay.

In the Oberio Mansion, it’s celebration time, Shivaay tells all the members of the family that let’s celebrate it together. Suryakant comes out from his room holding a letter, which he wants to give to Kalyani. The ladies of the house give him sweets and tell him the good news. The maid was making tea for Kalyani so, Suryakant hides a letter below the cup of tea and tells her to take it to Kalyani.  All the members are planning on how to celebrate this occasion, Shivaay says let’s celebrate it in my way, let’s go out for dinner. But the ladies refuse as there’s a jagrata at the Tandon residence. Listening to this all men get shocked as Dadi told them a day before that she was returning from the same event. They wonder why Dadi lied them. Then they remember even Suryakant was singing the same song, just then the maid was passing them, Shivaay asks who is she taking the tea for? She informs him that it’s for Dadi. Shivaay tells her that he’d liketo give it to her.

The guys see the letter, which Suryakant had hidden below the cup of tea and start reading it. They come to know that it is for Dadi from Suryakant. He asks her to come to the garden as their swimming pool date failed and advices her to tell the family that she’s going for a morning walk. Shivaay doesn’t want to believe he says might be Suryakant wants to tell something about our Dadaji. But Rudra is suspicious and thinks they are having an affair, just then Gauri comes and ask what’s the matter? The guys change the topic and say we are just happy as we have got the bid. Gauri says we are going for jagrata and you guys have fun. Shivaay is so tensed as he was planning Dadaji’s Biography and here something else is going on. They think might be they have a past, that we don’t know, so how to ask them and what to do about the letter should we give it or keep it.  They all three go to Nani to ask her about Suryakant, why he didn’t marry till now? She tells who he loved, married someone else so he went to US. And informs that the woman Suryakant loved was their Dadi. All three are shocked and think what should be done next. Shivaay feels that they should help them meet each other as Dadi has done so much for them. He tells the boys let’s do something so that they come together. Shivaay notices Sahil is going out and he questions him. Sahil replies that he’s mature enough to handle himself well.  They pass Suryakant’s letter below Dani’s room door, she picks it and goes. They hope that their planned date goes well and promise not to disturb them.

Shivaay is tensed when Anika asks him what’s the matter. He says that he feels Nani is behaving weird these days. Just then he receives a call. Jai’s in a bad mood on losing to the Oberoi team. Priyanka defends her brother and tells that her Bhaiyya would have been happy even if he won the bid unlike Jai. Also see: Ishqbaaz December 4, 2018 Written Update Full Episode

In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz, we will see how the three Oberoi’s will help Suryakant and Nani meet.