BLACKPINK's Rose, also known as Park Chaeyoung, celebrated her 27th birthday on February 11, 2024. Throughout her career, she has acquired several affectionate nicknames from BLINKS and her team members alike. These names hold special meanings and origins that showcase the bond between Rose and her supporters. BLACKPINK’s Rosé Turns 27: Lisa Shares Special Birthday Wishes for Her ‘Supporter’ (View Pic).

On her birthday, let's take a moment to explore the eight endearing nicknames Rose has been given, uncovering their meanings and origins.

Pasta: One of the nicknames is "Pasta," given by her fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo. This playful moniker was inspired by Rose's love for the popular pasta dish known as rose pasta, which resonates with fans worldwide.

BLACKPINK's Rose and Jisoo (Photo Credits: X)

Chipmunk: Another endearing nickname, "Chipmunk," highlights Rose's adorable features, particularly her soft and squishy cheeks that fans couldn't resist noticing, especially during meal times.

Chaeng: Fans also fondly refer to Rosé as "Chaeng," a shortened version of her Korean name Chaeyoung, showcasing their affection for her real identity beyond her stage persona. BLACKPINK’s Rosé Turns 27: Jennie Extends Warm Birthday Wishes for Her ‘Rosie Posie’ (View Pic).

Rosie: The nickname "Rosie" emerged from fans' insistence on not calling her just "Rose" and as a workaround to avoid typing the accented "e." This charming alternative sometimes expanded to "Rosie Posie," became widely embraced, even adopted by Rose herself for her Instagram handle.

A Snapshot of BLACKPINK's Rose's Instagram Handle

Snapshot of BLACKPINK's Rose 's Instagram Handle

Blondsé, Pinksé, Redsé: Rose's ever-changing hair colours have also led to playful nicknames like "Blondsé," "Pinksé," or "Redsé," reflecting her dynamic style and the significance of the accented "é" in her personal brand.

BLACKPINK's Rose (Photo Credits: X)

Avocachaeng: Despite her dislike for avocados, fans humorously tease Rose with the nickname "Avocachaeng," blending her aversion with her nickname.

RouRou: Chinese fans affectionately bestowed the nickname "RouRou," reflecting Rose's charming, chubby-cheeked appearance. The Mandarin word "肉" (rou), resembling "Ro" in Rose, perfectly captures her endearing qualities.

Chongah: Lastly, the nickname "Chongah" originated from Lisa's quick pronunciation of "Chaeyoung-ah," sometimes sounding like "Chongah," adding to the array of endearing terms associated with Rose.

BLACKPINK's Rose and Lisa (Photo Credits: X)

These nicknames not only reflect Rose's unique personality and talents but also underline her deep connection with her fans, solidifying her status as a cherished member of BLACKPINK. Happy Birthday, Rose!

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