Philanthropist Shubhang Arora Wants to Spread Awareness on Health Welfare Through Bollywood – Here’s How
Shubhang Arora (Photo Credits: File Image)

Shubhang Arora is an erudite personality who has done his education from NYU. He is the owner of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals and has access to a lot of resources and he is one of those guys who is capable of assisting people as a charity worker. He is of the view that by being a philanthropist one can make a positive difference in the world by allocating resources and time to the real causes happening worldwide. In his case, he is always ready to support masses in terms of healthcare and affirms that the amount of time and money invested for the welfare gives internal satisfaction to his soul.

He started assisting people as a charity worker by providing basic health facilities but with consistent efforts and motivation, now, he has several hospitals running around the Northern parts of India from the last two decades. This chain of hospitals works under the guidance and vision of Shubhang Arora thus mitigating the major health issues by providing the best health facilities worldwide. Apart from providing health facilities, this group of hospitals provides advanced educational programs for doctors who want to excel more in their field.

He opines that several major health issues are just another one of those subjects that live in a perpetual cloud of stigma within Indian society. By considering this, he wants to serve the public and aware people of deadly health issues through a big platform that is Bollywood. Moreover, Bollywood movies are coming up with great messages and the owner is of the view that nowadays youth is into the entertainment industry thus it will be a suitable medium to give a message on the importance of welfare.

The owner is ready to invest in Bollywood and is collaborating with famous producers to create movies on real-life stories of charity workers especially those who are disabled and come from downtrodden families. He wants to represent that despite so many hurdles in life; these people become a ray of hope for society. Also, he feels confident and is of the perception that this idea would have a deep impact on the minds of the people. Moreover, the complete details about the movie are yet not revealed but the locations to shot the movie will be Mumbai and Los Angeles, California. Besides this, the movie is expected to hit the cinemas in the initial months of 2020.