12 Digit Masterstroke Review: India is a vast country, brimming with diverse cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Unifying such a colossal population under one identification system is a monumental challenge. However, India's Aadhar card system achieved the seemingly impossible. Despite its flaws, which led political parties to switch their stance depending on their political agenda, 12 Digit Masterstroke, DocuBay's latest offering, chooses to focus on what made Aadhar a milestone in Indian demography and the incredible team behind its implementation. 12 Digit Masterstroke Trailer: DocuBay’s New Offering Is an Untold Insight Into India’s Aadhaar Revolution.

Directed by Sujata Kulshreshtha and Abhimanyu Tewari, with popular influencer Ankur Warikoo as the narrator, 12-Digit Masterstroke follows the typical DocuBay documentary format, by interlacing interviews with key figures from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and other stakeholders involved in the Aadhar system.

Viewers hear from Nandan Nilekani, Infosys co-founder and former UIDAI chairperson, alongside Srikanth Nadhamuni, Pramod Varma, Ganga K, Naman Pugalia, and others as they delve into the challenges of implementing Aadhar across India's vast population. The documentary highlights that while other countries, like the United Kingdom, attempted similar identification systems in the past, they faltered. Additionally, India already has identity cards such as PAN cards, Ration cards, driving licenses, and voter IDs. Thus, the challenge extended beyond convincing people to share their personal information; it also involved addressing opposition concerns like privacy intrusion and citizen exclusions.

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12 Digit Masterstroke chronicles how the predominantly Bengaluru-based team navigated these challenges, unified India under Aadhar within limited resources and an almost impossible deadline, and ultimately succeeded. It also explores the evolving political landscape, from its inception during Dr. Manmohan Singh's tenure to its endorsement by current PM Narendra Modi, despite his initial criticism. The documentary offers insights like the heartfelt story behind the name "Aadhar" and highlights how it facilitated access to government beneficiary schemes for the less privileged, such as LPG subsidy. Water Mafia Review: Naman Govil's Documentary on Water Lobbies is Incisive, Insightful and Powerful!

However, 12-Digit Masterstroke presents a largely positive perspective on Aadhar, touching on its flaws without delving into the intricacies. Viewers expecting a deep dive into controversies, such as instances of biometric bypasses (remember when Lord Hanuman and a tree got Aadhar cards) or allegations of database breaches, may find the documentary lacking in that regard.

Final Thoughts on 12 Digit Masterstroke

12 Digit Masterstroke offers an engaging and insightful perspective on how a small team achieved one of India's most significant tech successes. While it may seem one-sided, the inclusion of fascinating anecdotes detailing the challenges and admirable workarounds more than compensates for any oversights. 12 Digit Masterstroke is streaming on DocuBay.


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