In today's episode of Anupamaa, Titu gets furious over the ongoing situation causing distress to Dimpy. Remembering Vanraj's warning, Titu expresses his frustration through an aggressive dance, leaving him exhausted. An understanding Anupama enters the academy, offering Titu water to calm down. Anupamaa November 30, 2023 Written Update: Vanraj Returns To Take Leela-Hasmukh Back Home, Anu-Anuj Sad!

Meanwhile, Dimpy contemplates attending classes but recalls Vanraj's stern warning, making her hesitate. She tells her baby about the challenges of maintaining a happy facade when no one around her seems to encourage genuine smiles.

Anupama supports Titu, recognising his concern for Dimpy, but advises him to consider the differing perceptions of Vanraj. Titu defends his friendship with Dimpy, insisting it's purely platonic. Anupama encourages Titu to remain calm and emphasises the fragility of Dimpy's situation, suggesting that time may be the key to winning over others.

Despite her attempts, Dimpy fails to communicate with Vanraj and Leela as they do not listen to her. Kavya advises Dimpy to trust Anupama, while Barkha warns Malti Devi and asks her to take a step before Anupama does something against her. Later, Anupama shares a meal with Anuj at a restaurant. Anuj's attempt to romance is ruined by Anupama's reminder of grocery shopping. Their evening takes a turn when they witness an influencer mistreating an elderly waiter.

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Anuj uses his influence to demand an apology for the man, making the girl apologise in front of everyone.

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