In today's episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj discovers Pakhi is missing and attempts to reach her. Leela says he isn't a chauffeur and should concentrate on his work. Concerned, Vanraj tries to contact her. Meanwhile, Pakhi secretly captures photos of Dimpy and Titu, planning to use them later against her. Anupamaa December 9, 2023 Written Update: Anu Supports Kavya’s Decision To Move Out, Claims Vanraj Made Her Life ‘Living Hell’.

At the same time, Chhoti Anu and Anupama come across each other while taking chocolate from the fridge. When questioned, Anupama says she won’t scold her anymore and enjoys chocolate with her. She pretends to converse with her friend Devika, expressing gratitude for shielding her from school bullies. Chhoti Anu inquires about Devika, and Anupama describes her as a ‘superhero’ who defends the weak against villains.

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Vanraj contacts Pakhi, who intentionally reveals the event location, exposing Dimpy with Titu meeting each other. Witnessing this, Vanraj confronts Dimpy, accusing her of deceit. Dimpy defends herself, asserting her right to make decisions as an adult. Pakhi alleges that Dimpy and Titu planned to meet privately after the event, leading to a heated confrontation. Vanraj slaps Titu. Kavya informs Anupama about Vanraj's actions, prompting Anupama to declare she is done dealing with Mr Shah. 

Later, Anupama intervenes, questioning Vanraj's dominance over Dimpy's life. Vanraj asks her to stay away from his family matters. Anupama challenges Vanraj's control, questioning why she should obey him.

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In a fit of anger, Vanraj roars and calls himself 'Vanraj Shah,' demanding compliance from everyone. An apprehensive Anupama feels worried sensing his old ‘evil’ avatar as she watches him taking Dimpy away.

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