In today's episode of Anupamaa, Hasmukh’s health deteriorates. Despite Leela informing that Vanraj is away for work, Hasmukh persistently asks for him, which worries her even more. Leela, concerned about his health, suggests a visit to the doctor, but Hasmukh adamantly refuses, insisting he's fit to care for others. Anupamaa December 2, 2023: MaAn Get Angry at Pakhi for Brainwashing Little Anu.

As Hasmukh worries Leela by hinting at forgetting her someday due to his disorder, he tries to pacify her with a tender gesture, placing a flower in her hair. Unsettled, Leela decides to discuss the situation with Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama accompanies Dimpy to the doctor, where concerns about family issues arise. The doctor advises Dimpy on maintaining good eating habits during pregnancy and avoiding stress.

Simultaneously, a dramatic moment unfolds as Pakhi confronts the doctor about her appointment, leading to a heated exchange with Adhik. He expresses a harsh wish for Pakhi to not become a mother ever, triggering her tears, and later regrets his words, apologising to her. Anupama and Dimpy, post their doctor visit, encounter Vanraj, who shocks Anupama by suggesting she reduce her visits to the Shah house. This leaves Anupama disheartened.

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Back at home, Kavya expresses her disappointment to Vanraj about him not accompanying her to the clinic. Meanwhile, Pakhi shares emotional news with Anupama about the possibility of becoming a mother through IVF. Anupama, despite her heartfelt blessing, faces scepticism from Pakhi, breaking her heart. Episode ends!

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