In today's episode of Anupamaa, Ankush and Anuj engage in office discussions, planning a visit to the US office to strengthen ties with the new staff. Anuj expresses his attachment to India, crediting Anupama as his lucky charm. Anupama surprises Anuj by arriving there at the office. Ankush leaves the cabin, granting them privacy.. Anupamaa December 3, 2023 Written Update: Vanraj Shows His ‘Villain’ Avatar, Asks Anupama To Decrease Her Visits at Shah House!

Anupama tightly hugs Anuj, prompting him to inquire about her concerns. Reflecting on Vanraj and Pakhi's words, she chooses not to disclose her worries and asserts her right to embrace him as his wife. Anuj shares details of the US office discussion.

Meanwhile, Vanraj faces tension with Kavya, who craves emotional support. He candidly mentions the significance of Dimpy's baby carrying the Shahs' blood, emphasising Kavya isn’t carrying his baby. Pakhi happily shares her pregnancy news with Chhoti Anu and states that everyone will forget her once her (Pakhi’s) baby arrives. This time, Chhoti gives it back saying she trusts Anupama and Anuj and her parents will never forget her.

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Anupama and Anuj share a romantic moment as she feeds him at the office, recalling their dream of a restaurant managed by housewives.  At Shahs, Kavya stands up, declaring she has something important to say, leaving Vanraj in suspense and everyone else on edge. Anupama assists Romil with packing and wishes him luck for his new college. His girlfriend makes an unexpected visit piquing Anupama's curiosity. Episode ends!

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