In today's Anupamaa episode, Kavya approaches Hasmukh and Leela with a serious revelation. Despite Vanraj suggesting they discuss it later and ordering food, Hasmukh urges him not to interrupt Kavya. To everyone's shock, Kavya announces that she can no longer stay in the house, expressing that Vanraj ignores her daily, making her feel invisible. Anupamaa December 4, 2023 Written Update: Anuj Plans To Visit His US Office, Anu Arrives To Surprise Him!

Vanraj dismisses Kavya's concerns, stating she's overreacting. Kavya insists she has feelings and is not an unfeeling object. Vanraj drops a bombshell, declaring he can never accept Kavya's baby, leading to Kavya's decision to leave. Later, Kavya confides in Anupama about Vanraj's changed behaviour and expresses how his ignorance hurts her. Anupama offers support and agrees to help Kavya find a house close to the Shah residence if she has chosen to leave separately. Next, Anupama meets Romil's girlfriend, Nidhi.

She is shocked when the parents of Chhoti Anu's classmate Riya, arrive to complain about her involvement in bullying.

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Anupama apologises to Chhoti’s classmate and assures her parents that she will explain t her daughter about her wrong  behaviour. Episode ends!

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