In today's episode of Anupamaa, Leela is distressed to see Kavya leaving her family. Harmukh and Dimpy try to console her, but Leela feels that things won't be the same anymore. Meanwhile, Anupama confronts Chhoti Anu about her misbehaviour with Riya, who was her best friend earlier. Anu reveals that she doesn't want Riya as her friend anymore because she follows the teacher's instructions calling her ‘teacher ki chamchi’, and states that the whole class won't talk to her if she doesn't mistreat Riya like they do. Anupama realises that Anu is succumbing to peer pressure. 

Malti Devi intervenes, supporting Anu, but Anuj overhears the conversation. Anupama suggests apologising to Riya, but Anu refuses, claiming she's not at fault. An emotional confrontation unfolds, with Anu feeling ‘unloved’ and questioning her place in the family, reminding Anupama that she is ‘adopted’. Anupamaa December 5, 2023 Written Update: Chhoti Anu Is a Bully – How Will Anupama React?

Vanraj brings good news about a new job and Kavya, with a hurt face, congratulates her. Anuj and Anupama worry about Anu's behaviour, while Malti Devi manipulates Anu into thinking she's right and shouldn't apologise. 

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At night, Anupama contemplates talking to Anu the next day, but Anu believes that Anupama hasn't approached her because she's not her biological child. The next day, Anu continues to act rudely, refusing to eat anything offered by Anupama at the breakfast table. Episode ends!

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