In today's episode of Anupamaa, Anuj and Anupama attempt to reconcile Chhoti Anu and Riya's differences. Despite Anupama's effort to make peace through a sorry card, Anu's unexpected scribbling leaves everyone in shock. Meanwhile, Vanraj's concern for Dimpy takes a suspicious turn as Kavya exposes his true motives, leading to a heated confrontation. Anupamaa December 6, 2023 Written Update: Chhoti Anu Refuses To Apologise As She Grapples With Feelings of Being Unloved by Anupama.

Vanraj's discomfort with Dimpy attending the dance academy alone raises eyebrows, especially when Kavya points out his double standards regarding Kavya's independent choices. Vanraj's confession that he wants to guide Dimpy on the "right path" leaves everyone stunned, and Dimpy is left grappling with the consequences of Vanraj's controlling behaviour.

As the drama unfolds, Pakhi faces criticism for her presentation, with Anupama expressing her displeasure and Anuj questioning the quality of the pitch. Anupama terms her business idea as ‘nonsense’ which lacks creativity. An explosive confrontation ensues as Anupama threatens to kick Pakhi out for her disrespectful behaviour. 

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Meanwhile, Vanraj, oblivious to the household chaos, invites Pakhi to his house, leading to further complications in the Kapadia mansion Pakhi leaves the Kapadia house, prompting Anupama to assert that Pakhi will return on her own terms. Episode ends!

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