Today's episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupama confronting Barkha, warning her to think twice before speaking ill about the family in front of others. Anupama remains resolute, stating that she won't hesitate to take action if needed. Malti Devi, enraged by Anupama's stance, vows to make Anupama leave the house. Anupamaa December 7, 2023 Written Update: Pakhi Labels Anuj As Anu’s ‘Slave’, Gets Warned To Be Kicked Out of the House.

Retreating to her room, Anupama reflects on the necessity of standing up for her family. Despite Anu's betrayal and hurtful words, Anupama resolves not to be lenient with those who don't deserve love. Meanwhile, Vanraj, dropping Dimpy off at a friend's house, grapples with the responsibility of safeguarding the family's dignity.

In another development, Anuj learns about Kavya's plan to move out separately and expresses concern about Anupama managing things alone during her pregnancy. Anuj assures Anupama of his support and takes steps to find a nearby house for her. Anupama shares her worries about Pakhi and Anu with Anuj and also reveals Vanraj's unsettling words which have made Kavya’s life a living hell.

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Anuj attempts to discuss the situation of  'misbehaviour' again with Chhoti Anu, but she insists on only involving her father in school matters. Anupama discourages discipline, fearing it may make her more stubborn. Meanwhile, at an event, Pakhi spots Dimpy talking to Titu, and plans a conspiracy to assassinate her character.

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