In today's episode of Anupamaa, Anuj expresses concern about Anupama's stress and questions why she didn't reach out earlier. Anupama, feeling burdened, admits that she's accustomed to helping others but struggles to ask for help herself. Anuj comforts her, emphasising the importance of recognizing when she needs assistance. Anuj suggests putting aside worries for the night, and they share a romantic moment. Anuj makes ice milk shake for her to which she calls the 'best ice cream' in the world. Anupamaa November 17, 2023 Written Update: Baa Accuses Dimpy of Romancing Tapish Months After Samar’s Death, Anu-Anuj Try To Protect Her!

As Hasmukh anxiously monitors Leela's health, he becomes alarmed when he doesn't hear her usual sleeping sounds. Anuj, trying to lighten the mood, prepares a milkshake for Anupama, who appreciates the gesture. Their connection brings renewed energy to Anupama. The next day, the doctor delivers concerning news about Leela's health, revealing a 70% blockage in her heart. An emotional Anupama worries, while Anuj seeks guidance on potential treatments.

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Meanwhile, Toshu and Kinjal, prepared to leave for their new journey, receive blessings from the family. Kavya assures to take care of the household, and emotional goodbyes are exchanged. Leela imparts valuable advice to Toshu and Kinjal about responsibility in financial matters and parenthood. As they leave, Anupama breaks down in tears, and Leela comforts her, expressing her reluctance to see them leave abroad.

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