In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Barkha shares with Malti Devi about Anupama's commitment to the Shah family whenever they need her. Anuj, overhearing the conversation, cautions against comparing families and reminds them of their own past misdeeds. Malti Devi is left silent when Anuj mentions her leaving him years ago. Simultaneously, Anupama juggles household tasks, business calls, and her worries. Anupamaa November 18, 2023 Written Update: Anuj-Anu Share Romantic Moments at Home, Latter Breaks Down in Tears After Paritosh and Kinjal Leave Home!

Chhoti Anu gets sick and asks for Anupama. Anuj's concern rises as he discovers Anu has a high fever of 103 degrees. Anupama, caught up with her responsibilities at the Shah house, receives the distressing news. Anuj informs Anupama about Chhoti Anu's condition, leaving her shocked, and Hasmukh insists she go to her ailing daughter. Hasmukh steps in to handle the situation at home, taking over the kitchen. He refuses to let Kavya do the work as she is repulsed by the smell of onions.

Anu, initially resistant to taking medicine, eventually complies with Anupama's comforting presence. Anuj, noticing Anupama's stress, inquires about Leela's health, and Anupama sadly reveals no improvement in her mother-in-law's blood pressure.

As the family grapples with health issues, Adhik suggests sending Pakhi to the Shah house for support. However, Pakhi, reluctant to do household chores, ends up arguing with Dimpy. Displeased with Pakhi's behaviour, Hasmukh sends her back to the Kapadia house. Meanwhile, Leela, needing assistance, faces a mishap when Hasmukh's foot slips, leading to a fall. In a painful situation after this accident at home, they both call for help but find Dimpy and Kavya gone outside. Chhoti Anu stops Anupamaa from going to Baa-Bapuji leaving her in a dilemma. How will she handle the situation?

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