In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anupama shares concerns about Chhoti Anu’s studies to Anuj, expressing the need to revise her extensive syllabus before teaching. Anuj, eager to spend quality time, waits patiently for her. Anupama notices Anuj waiting and suggests he sleep, but he insists he can't without her. Suddenly, Pakhi and Adhik are heard arguing. Pakhi accuses Dimpy of having an affair with Titu, leaving Anupama shocked. Anupamaa November 28, 2023 Written Update: Anuj Does ‘Crazy Things’ To Get Anu’s Attention!

Anupama confronts Pakhi about the serious allegation, but Adhik clarifies that Dimpy and Titu were only talking. Despite the clarification, Pakhi accuses Dimpy of being characterless. The commotion wakes everyone in the house, and Anuj defends Anupama against Pakhi's accusations. Malti Devi adds fuel to the fire by questioning the decision to leave young daughters-in-law alone. Anuj sternly warns Pakhi against disrespecting Anupama.

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As tensions rise, Leela reacts strongly, opposing Dimpy's marriage with Titu. Anupama attempts to calm the situation, assuring she will talk to Dimpy the next day. Meanwhile, Vanraj confronts Titu about his alleged involvement with Dimpy and warns him to stay away. Episode ends!

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