Bepannaah Written Episode Update, August 20, 2018: Aditya Pursues Zoya and Arshad as Sakshi Gets Into His Car's Trunk
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Adi(Harshad Chopda) trying to tell Zoya(Jennifer Winget) how he feels, but they are interrupted by Harsh. Harsh thanks Zoya for a grand party.

Zoya asks Harsh where she should put away the pending returns gifts and Harsh asks her to place them all in their room for now. Noor is busy with Arshad and keeps him engaged.

They are soon interrupted by Zoya. Zoya takes Noor away and asks her what she was up to. Noor tells her she was only getting to know Arshad. Anjana asks the doctor to flee the city and cut away the sim so no one can trace him back to her.

She later thinks of shifting Sakshi from the washroom. Sakshi tries to switch lights on and off to signal someone, but Anjana is the one who sees it. Wasim gets a bag out in which he has collected things from all over the country for Zoya.

Wasim says that he so wishes to see Zoya decked up like a bride. Roshna tells Wasim to remember that Zoya has not said yes. Wasim though is positive that she will say yes soon.

Zoya and Noor get the gifts to Anjana's room. Sakshi hears their talking and starts banging herself against the wall. Zoya hears the sound and tries walking towards the bathroom but Anjana charges in and starts shouting at Zoya.

Arjun and Aditya try their best to get rid of Arshad who insists on dropping Zoya home. Finally though between them they manage to send the doctor away.

Anjana drags Zoya down and says that she is always barging into anyone's bedrooms. Harsh interrupts and Zoya asks Harsh to take permission from his wife before sending anyone to his room.

Zoya walks out. Zoya finds Arshad before he leaves and asks him to drop her home. Noor informs Adi and Arjun about what just passed between Anjana and Zoya.

Adi is frustrated at his mother, and he rushes behind Zoya as he gets encouraged by Arjun. Anjana finds Sakshi missing, and she spots Sakshi in the trunk of Adi's car.

Arshad tries to cheer Zoya up by complimenting her sense of event planning. Adi follows Zoya and Arshad as he sees them turning elsewhere. Adi gets worried when he realises that Arshad is taking Zoya to a secluded place.

Zoya calls her father to inform that she will be late and Wasim happily agrees to this even as Roshna is worried.