Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 5, 2018: Zoya Agrees to Marry Arshad
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Aditya(Harshad Chopda) returning home as he thinks about Zoya(Jennifer Winget) and how she got hurt because of him. He blames himself for hurting the one he loves.

Arshad looks at Zoya's picture and thinks that maybe he and Zoya were not meant to be. Zoya surprises him by walking into his house. Zoya seeks forgiveness of him.

She asks him if he is still ready to marry her. Zoya says that she has taken wrong decisions all her life, but now she wants to listen to her parents. Arshad asks her to take her time as she is very sad about Aditya right now.(Also Read: Aditya Confesses His Love For Zoya And She Slaps Him)

Aditya tells Arjun that he ended up hurting Zoya and almost breaking her heart. He says that he is scared she will take a wrong decision in her pain. Noor tries to ask Zoya why she is punishing Adi for all of this.

Zoya realises that Noor was aware of all of this. Zoya tells Noor that trust is the most important thing in any relationship. Wasim is elated about the alliance, and he congratulates Zoya.

He gifts her a chain and also says that he has been accumulating things since she was small. Roshna though notices that Zoya is not happy. She asks Zoya to follow her heart and give herself time. Zoya asks her mother not to make her weak.