Bigg Boss 12: A Shirtless Rohit Suchanti And A Bikini-Clad Jasleen Matharu Get Too Close For Comfort In The Pool - Watch Video
We wonder what's cooking between these two now on Bigg Boss 12

Romance inside the Bigg Boss house is not a new thing. Every year, we see two contestants who fall in love on the show, and there's coochie-cooing, sometimes under the sheets or in the swimming pool of the house. This year, we have not seen any couples on the show so far. Of course, cupid is not completely jobless on Bigg Boss 12. Deepak Thakur has been trying to woo Somi Khan since what seems like forever, but she is not ready to bring him out of the friendzone. While that ek tarfa pyaar is entertaining the viewers, there are other two contestants who were getting all up close and personal with each other in the pool.

We are talking about Jasleen Matharu and Rohit Suchanti. No, we are not kidding. We have proof. Bigg Boss 12: Rohit Suchanti Proves To Be The Ultimate Sweetheart As He takes Care Of An Ailing Srishty Rode.

Check out this video if you don't believe us:



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As you saw, Rohit and Jasleen were just fooling around in the pool. They are not the next couple on Bigg Boss 12 for sure. The two just decided to use the pool (something that the contestants don't use often) and that is when other contestants like Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, Surbhi Rana got them to enact a romantic scene in the pool. We can't say Jasleen and Rohit did a good job, but we have to admit, Jasleen looked quite sexy in her green bikini and Rohit was turning up the heat in his shirtless avatar.

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