Bigg Boss 12: Eww! Rohit Suchanti PEES in His Pants During the Captaincy Task – Watch Video
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In Bigg Boss 12 house, immunity is more important than anything for the housemates. By far, we have established that there is nothing compared to survival that holds any importance for the contestants. In tonight's episode, Bigg Boss will introduce the housemates to yet another captaincy task where 4 podiums with swords and the respective contestants’ names will be set up in the garden area and their friends will have to keep the swords safe. While the housemates unanimously chose Deepak Thakur, Surbhi Rana, Dipika Kakar and Romil Chaudhary as the four captain contenders for this week, you will see Karanvir Bohra, Jasleen Matharu, Rohit Chaudhary and Megha Dhade competing against each other for immunity in the task. Here's Why! Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir Bohra Plays With Dipika Kakar’s Undergarments, But Shilpa Shinde Makes It Worse By Attacking His Wife Teejay Sidhu

The twist in the game is that the friends will save the contenders' swords while the contenders will distract others as to make themselves win the task. In the tonight's episode, Karanvir will be seen protecting Deepak’s sword, Rohit defends Surbhi’s sword, Dipika chooses Megha to protect hers and Jasleen defends Romil’s position. Other contestants are allowed to provoke the ones guarding the swords. Well, the obvious target becomes Rohit Suchanti, with everybody targeting him to get Surbhi to lose. Also, in the midst of all the provoking, Surbhi pulls a Tanisha Mukherjee on Sreesanth when she bangs into him head on. This irks Dipika who asks Surbhi to back off.

Catch the video here:

And in some lighter moments of the task, this season’s title of a contestant ‘peeing’ during the task, goes to Rohit Suchanti. After controlling himself for way too much time, Deepak and Megha take pity on Rohit and while one covers him with a blanket, the other hands him a sipper, to pee into. And all this while, the rest of the contestants take joy in Rohit’s plight and laugh at his misery, in some light hearted moments. Watch this space for further updates.