Looks like a lot of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra's exes have quite the axe to grind against him. While Paras did give Akanksha every reason to rant out against him given how he broke up with her while he was in the show, his ex Pavitra Punia recently opened up a can of worms when she called Paras the biggest mistake of her life. To this, Paras did hit back and revealed that she was married while in a relationship with her. Bigg Boss 14: Mahira Sharma Calls Out Paras Chhabra's Ex and BB14 Contestant Pavitra Punia, Claims She Was Three-Timing Paras.

And after his bestie Mahira Sharma came to Paras' rescue and shared that Pavitra was three-timing Paras, the hunk himself has now hit back at Pavitra and promised to expose and confront her for all the lies that she has been saying about him. Bigg Boss 14: Paras Chhabra Hits Back at Ex-Girlfriend Pavitra Punia, Reveals She Was Married to Someone Else.

"I got to know from Mahira (Mahira was friends with Pavitra when I was dating Pavitra), she was dating two more guys along with me. Wow! And, I haven't revealed this before. Even when I was in Bigg Boss last year, she didn't quote anything negative about me. I was thankful that at least she was sensible and believes in herself and will do good in life. But before entering the house, why did she use my name in a negative way," questioned Paras in a chat with Mumbai Mirror.

He continued to reveal, "On Sunday's episode, in her conversation with Rahul she says that she falls very quickly in love, so I guess it is right because while she was in a relationship with me, she was simultaneously dating two more men and she was married and she didn't tell me before getting into a relationship and that is absolutely not acceptable. And, I never spoke about this to the media. Even during our break-up, I had told that it was on a mutual basis. We had ended our relationship on a good note but after her Bigg Boss journey has started, I guess she is also looking for fame in this way. Looks like, she doesn't have any talent to entertain the fans, and so she is defaming me."

"I might go to Bigg Boss 14. I love the show and the way it is made. I will definitely go to the show if invited. And, if I go I will tell her to stop making the show boring by talking about me. In BB 13, people got to know about my girlfriends and that has become old now. Give some new content to viewers," promised Paras.

"I thought Pavitra was smart and independent and would play the game well. But then, now as she has used my name, and I don't think that was the right move. And, if I go to the show, I will confront everything. I have a lot of things to tell and it will happen once I am back on the show," concludes Paras.

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