Dance India Dance L'il Masters Finale: Farah Khan's Favourite Jiya Thakur Declared Winner of This Season
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Dance India Dance Li'l Master is the grand finale. The judges and the special guests take seat amongst the audience galore. Santhanu tells Jay that he believes AP Rockers will win and there enters Ali asgar all dressed as Mithunda. He pulls the legs of Marzi, Siddharth over their wives and then he moves to take a dig at Vaishnavi. Tanay and Bir introduce the first performers who are Mann and Amit.

A short IV portrays the journey of Mann and Amit. The duo then performs to Swag se karengey swagath remix. The judges speak to the contestants one last time as Marzi praises the friendship between the two boys. Mann and Amit have a significant number of supporters who are confident about their victory. Santhanu Maheshwari speaks to the audience who are split between the contestants they support.

The next performance is a boys versus girls. Jithumoni and Vaishnavi rock the stage with a mesmerising performance. Jay has his final fill of taking digs at Vaishnavi and her teeth as she fights for girl power with Jithu. Garvit from India's Best Dramebaaz takes the over the stage from Jay for a moment. Farah announces the next performance which is Jay's. Jithu and Vaishnavi speak about how the stage has been one of its kind and has given so much to so many people.

The next performance is by three people who have this bond with DID. Punit, Raghav and Dharmesh take the stage with bezubaan. Jayesh announces the new film Nawabzaade. Bir, Vaishnavi, Tanay and Jithu join the crew and shake a leg with them. Next performer is Jiya as an IV shows all the celebrity love Jiya received over the time. Farah is elated and hopes that Jiya wins today. Santhanu speaks to Jiya's family as Farah too joins the crew in support of Jiya.

Bir and Vaishnavi have an argument over who will win. Bir challenges her for a one to one as they have a fun act that follows. Taman is the next performer for the day as IV is shown about his journey from Itanagar to this stage as a finalist. Taman has a gift for Siddharth who tries to escape but is cornered. Tammana performs next to Break up song translated into a complaint song about Jay who never let her speak during the show.

Ali Asgar once again walks to the stage dressed as a woman this time. Ali tries flirting with Jay saying he is her husband and she is Mahi. Ali reveals how Jay has been insulting Mahi all through the season as some IVs are shown. Ali and Jay perform to aaj fir tumpe as Jay gets all awkward, later Marzi shows him how to do it. Jithu calls the next finalist Urva Bhavsar. Santhanu finds the screaming fans of Urva.

Jithu was the winner of DID season one, and he gets all emotional as he stands with Urva on the stage. Urva challenges the audience to do some squats with her. Shanthanu performs next. Umang Kumar and Vivek Oberoi promote India's Best Dramebaz. The finalists give their last performance together. The finalists receive medals as tokens from Amul for their achievement. AP Rockers are eliminated first as they are announced to have the least amount of votes. Mann and Amit are the next to go.

The second runners-up is Taman Gamnu from team Bir. The winner for the season is Jiya Thakur from Vaishnavi's team as Urav becomes the first runner-up is Urva Bhavsar.