Ishqbaaz January 8, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: SSO Blames Aditi for Ruining His Sister’s Marriage
Shivansh Blames Aditi for Ruining His Sister’s Marriage. (Photo Credit: File Photo)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Kalyani telling Aasya whether the rings are ready and all the gifts for the guest are ready, just then SSO (Nakul Mehta) comes and asks why has Shivani not reached till now, Dhruv tells that her flight has landed but she was not there. SSO sits and acts as if nothing happened, all try to tell that Shivani is kidnapped but SSO knows that everyone is lying. Shivani comes and SSO hugs her and is very happy to see her. PN tells PD that she will start crying again seeing all this, Dadi remembers Shivaay and Anika seeing Shivani and SSO. Ishqbaaz January 7, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Aditi Ruin Shivani’s Wedding by Suspecting Shivaansh in Honey’s Murder Case?

Aditi gets a call from Dharam Mehra from BB news channel, he asks if she is looking onto the SSO kidnapping case. Aditi tells yes in return, Mehra says that they got the news that she has the proof regarding SSO’s kidnapping and that he did all this for publicity of his movie Dinchak Ishq. Mehra tells that they want the truth to be out and he wants Aditi’s to help them. Aditi thinks about SSO and his sisters married and think she should not take any wrong step and wait for the right time. Aditi tells Mehra that she does not have any proof now and keeps the phone.

In the Oberoi’s Mansion, all are getting ready and waiting for Shivani to get ready and come down. Shivani comes and SSO feels happy to see her. Radhika tells that the Ahuja’s are going to come any moment. Dhruv and Radhika tease Shivani and they all get very emotional and hug each other. Dadi and Nani also are very happy as for Shivani marriages all family members will come home. SSO is sad and thinks how many more years he will live and tells god that why God is calling him so early as he does not want to leave his family members now.

Aasya and Abhi get a call and they rush and come to call SSO, they all watch the news telecast on T.V. The news was of SSO and his kidnapping and that all was a stunt for making his film a blockbuster. SSO gets disturbed hearing this news. In the news, it is also been told that they got the news from ACP Aditi. Dadi feels sad after hearing this, SSO tells Avi to close this news channel at once.

Radhika gets a call and she is shocked and tells SSO that the Ahuja’s have heard this news and now they are not coming home to see Shivani. Dadi panics as everything has been planned and how can they do it now and gets tensed and faints. SSO calls the doctor, he tells that Dadi’s BP had gone up and let her rest for some time then she will be fine.

SSO goes to Aditi’s house to ask her why did she tell the news channel. SSO tell her that because of her his sister's marriage broke and his Dadi is unwell. This all is only because of you and gets angry with her. Aditi tries telling SSO that she did not leak the news but SSO does not listens and gets angrier. Aditi tells him to get out of her house or else she will shoot him.

SSO threaten Aditi that she doesn't know what kind of a person he is and that he won’t forget people who disturb his family members. SSOpoints pistol on Aditi and asks why she did this but Aditi still tells she is not responsible for what has happened. SSO tells Aditi that he will create so much problem in her life that she will never forget SSO whole her life and goes from there.