Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 January 9, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Anurag and Prerna Confess Their Love for Each Other?
Will Anurag and Prerna Confess Their Love for Each Other? (Photo Credit: File Image)

Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with Anurag (Parth Samthaan) is in his office taking a meeting, his colleagues tell him that whenever he comes to the office their spirits are high and they love working with him. Anurag tells we are in media and we should say only truth every time and encourage others also to do it. Rohit teases him and asks who is that lucky girl who is going to marry him. When Anurag is going to tell suddenly Prerna (Erica Fernandes) comes in and Rohit thinks she is the one. While going he tells Anurag that they make a lovely couple. Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 January 8, 2019 Written Update full Episode: Mishka Suspects Something is Cooking Between Anurag and Prerna

Anurag takes the file from Prerna and tells thank you and tell her to sit, while he sees the file. They both feel something for each other. Prerna excuses herself and goes out. Prerna thinks that she has to control her emotions and thinks if Anurag comes to know that she is having a feeling for him what he will think. There Anurag also thinks he is feeling something when he sees Prerna. Prerna is thinking that she has to tell Anurag about her feelings towards him.

Moloy comes in and asks what is the matter. Anurag asks him that he wants to ask him something. Anurag tells Moloy that one of his friends is feeling something for a girl and that he sees her everywhere but she is not there. Moloy understands Anurag feelings and tells him to give his friends number so that he can directly talk to him. Anurag tells he can’t give the number as he is shy and he won’t feel comfortable.

Moloy tells him to ask his friend four questions. First, what does he thinks about her day and night, next to every time does her words are there in his mind, third question that he loves that girl but is fighting with himself as to not to tell her his feeling, suddenly Anurag says yes! yes! he is having this all feeling.

Moloy gets a call from Mohini and remembers that she has told him to call Banerjee first and then to call her back and he forgot. He picks up the phone and says sorry to Mohini and that he will call Banerjee now. Moloy then tells Anurag that this all questions he should tell his friend to ask the girl also and if the answer is yes, then they both are in love with each other. Anurag asks about the fourth question and to this Moloy tells him that the forth questions are whether the boy’s name if Anurag Basu and laughs and goes from there.

Meanwhile, in the Police headquarter Shivani is telling Ronit that why he left her in the middle and that is only she to blame for all that happened. Shivani curses herself for believing Ronit so much. Ronit shouts at Shivani that he still loves her. Shivani tells Ronit that Komolika came to her house and told that she is shameless and characterless. Ronit tells Shivani that he is sorry and he does not know what is happening.

Suddenly Ronit sees Komolika coming, he starts laughing and tell Shivani that because of her weakness he was using her, whenever he wanted he used her. Shivani sees Komolika there. Komolika comes and questions Shivani what is she doing here. Komolika tells that might be Prerna has sent you here to talk to Ronit. Komolika tells that she would love to give pain to Prerna as she is different from others.

Shivani defends her sister and tells she is different as she always supports her and she is the best sister anyone can have. Komolika tells Shivani she is not interested in listening to her story and tell Shivani to go out from there. Komolika tells Ronit that he should not be afraid of people like this and that she will take him out of the jail and goes to talk to the inspector. Ronit thinks thank god that he saw Komolika coming and changed the topic otherwise she would not spare Shivani if she comes to know that he still loves her.

Anurag tells his peon to get the file from the conference room to his cabin. Prerna searches for Anurag and comes to know that he is in his cabin go there to meet him. Anurag thinks of the talk with Moloy and that he actually thinks about Prerna day and night. Anurag thinks is he in love with Prerna and is confused. Just then Prerna comes in the cabin and Anurag sees her. In the precap, Mishka sees Prerna in Anurag's cabin. Watch this space for further updates.