TVF's popular series, Kota Factory saw its new season drop on Netflix last week. The second season, centred around Kota - the IIT coaching capital of the country, explores Mayur More's Vaibhav struggle with the pressures of his new coaching class, Maheshwari, while Jitendra Kumar's Jeetu Bhaiya is trying to start his own coaching classes, but is coping with all the teething problems of having one. Not to mention, helping his students get through their IIT courses, study problems and life, in general. Kota Factory Season 2 Review: Jeetu Bhaiya and His Students Pass the Second Test With a Little More Than Grace Marks!

(SPOILERS Ahead) The finale of the episode had Vaibhav realise that the ranking he scored with the mock test he did using his seniors JEE papers isn't enough, because he did it in double time. Jeetu Bhaiya gets betrayed by his colleague, and the launch of his coaching class gets a lukewarm response in face of Maheshwari's one crowning glory. The season ends on a very serious note, when he learns that one of his mentees have attempted suicide after not getting through JEE.

With the season ending on such a major cliffhanger and the third season confirmed by the makers, here are seven plot points we expect Kota Factory 3 to address:

The Suicide Changing Jeetu Bhaiya's Attitude

A Still from Kota Factory 2

Jeetu Bhaiya is the kind of teacher that everyone wishes they could have had. He is cool, he is knowledgeable, he is empathetic and he is there for you even when you don't approach him. And yet, Jeetu Bhaiya is someone who knows the flaws of the system, but doesn't do much to help in changing it. It is not his fault, he is reflecting the show's attitude of offering motivation to students to cope with a flawed system. However, what Jeetu Bhaiya is always scared of, comes through in the last scene when one of his students attempt suicide after not getting through JEE. Will that now change his perception towards the high-pressure system, that is IIT entrance preparations? Kota Factory: 10 Inspiring Quotes of Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya From the TVF Show That Hit the Sweet Spot!

Facing The Betrayer

A Still from Kota Factory 2

Jeetu Bhaiya is always the epitome of calm and composure, so we were surprised when he hangs up on Sarika, after she ditches him during the presscon, and calling back to tell her to never call him again. We later learn that she has joined Maheshwari's, after Jeetu poached Gagan Rastogi from there. It is a little annoying to see the one female teacher in the show set up as a betrayer, after so much noise over female representation done in the season over IIT training. So will we see more of her in third season?

Vaibhav Getting Hyper Pressured

A Still from Kota Factory 2

Vaibhav is heartbroken when he learns that his 95 ranking in the mock test isn't good enough, because he ignorantly made that score in double the time of the test duration. With this revelation, and never being at the top at Maheshwari, it looks like Vaibhav will go further into the cesspool of hyper-pressure. Will it affect his health further? And his friendships? Or What about...

End of a Love Story?

A Still from Kota Factory 2

The second season sees Vaibhav and Vartika dating after much reluctance and hesitation. But it is not easy to have a love story when there is pressure on you to crack the IIT-JEE. Vartika is already known to skip mock tests when she gets tensed, while Vaibhav is known to over-exert himself. Unlike Rajat and Ishita's warm love story in TVF's own Flames, Kota Factory hasn't put this love story as the need of the hour. Will Vaibhav take a page out Whiplash's Andrew Neiman and end his relationship with Vartika so that he isn't distracted by his studies? Kota Factory: 5 Best Scenes From TVF’s Popular Series on IIT Students That Will Make You Revise Season 1 Again!

More of Shivangi!

Ahsaas Channa in Kota Factory Poster

Ahsaas Channa's Shivangi is our favourite BFF, the kind of friend who is there for her friends with her confident take on life, invaluable support and flippant nature. But what about her character progression? What are her life-goals and why is she is Kota? Are she and Uday even a couple now? We need more of Shivangi in the third season!

Jeetu Bhaiya vs Maheshwari

A Still from Kota Factory

One thing I liked about the second season is downplaying the antagonism of Maheshwari sir, when he realises Jeetu Bhaiya is opening his coaching classes. Even though he tries the cliched route of buying JB out, he respects his competition to use any other underhanded tactic and is arrogant enough to know that his class' reputation won't be hampered. However, how long can he ignore the rising popularity of Jeetu Bhaiya? We are looking forward to see a David vs Goliath clash between the two in the third season.

Prodigy's Game

A Still from Kota Factory

Prodigy classes had a prominent setting in the first season, since it is where Vaibhav enrolled and met his future friends, and Jeetu Bhaiya. In the second season, it had a more muted role, since the focus was more on Maheshwari's and JB's classes. With the final episode seeing the Prodigy's owner trying to fix a topper for himself, we have to see how it works out for him. Would Vartika, Balmukund or Meenal do that trick for him?

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