Loki Season 2 Review: When the last scene of Loki Season 1 ended with Mobius (Owen Wilson) not recognising Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as he was kissed and kicked out of the Time Door by Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) back to the TVA, I admit I was a little heartbroken. While there are quite a few flaws in the Loki series, you can't deny that Hiddleston and Wilson's chemistry is one of its strongest aspects. Fortunately, this chemistry continues to shine and remains a driving force, at least in the first two episodes I watched of Loki Season 2. Loki Season 1 Finale Review: Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel Series Ends on a Multiverse-Shaking Bang!

The new season picks up right where the previous season left off. Loki lands back in the TVA, but things feel different. Statues of He Who Remains now adorn the place, and neither Mobius nor the rest of the TVA employees recognise him. Loki also begins to experience glitches, similar to Miles Morales in Across the Spiderverse. These glitches transport him to another phase of the TVA, where people actually know who he is. He discovers that he can uncontrollably glitch to different points in the past and present of the TVA, giving him a better understanding of how the TVA employees have had their memories manipulated and the doomed fate that awaits them.

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The first episode was quite impressive, showcasing the changed dynamics of the TVA following the demise of He Who Remains and the branching of multiple timelines from the Sacred Timeline. The Time Variance Authority (TVA) remains one of the most intriguing creations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Phase 3. Its inner workings and mysteries continue to captivate us even in the new season, demonstrating that we still have much to learn about it. With the looming threat of branching timelines destabilising the TVA, the first episode introduces a race-against-time element with a mysterious payoff in the end. The series continues to impress visually, and the new plot elements are engaging, at least in the beginning. Let's hope the momentum continues until the end, unlike how most of Marvel's Disney+ shows have fared.

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The new season also introduces a couple of new characters, with Ke Huy Quan's Ouroboros, aka OB, instantly stealing the scene the moment he appears on screen. You're bound to love this nerdy character who heads and is the sole employee of the TVA's repairs department, and the infectious charm of the Oscar-winning actor is a major asset. Loki Season 2 Review: Early Reactions Call Tom Hiddleston’s Disney+ Series the 'Best Marvel Studios Show'!

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There are also a couple of new antagonists now that Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Ravonna Renslayer is on the run, such as Kate Dickie's General Dox and Rafael Casal's Hunter X-5. Unfortunately, they make the second episode somewhat a drag. Loki and Mobius are on the lookout for Sylvie's whereabouts, and nearly half of the episode is spent interrogating Hunter X-5, who finds an exciting alternate life to live in the Sacred Timeline. Rafael Casal performs quite well in these portions, and we do get to see Loki embracing his God of Mischief persona and powers, something he inconsistently uses.

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However, these portions feel prolonged. It's only in the latter half of the episode that the series picks up. The last scene of the second episode presents a major development that is meant to be shocking to viewers. However, since we don't see the full implications, I could hardly feel the impact that the characters are experiencing in that scene.

Final Thoughts

Loki Season 2 continues to deliver the intriguing world of the TVA and the magnetic chemistry between Hiddleston and Wilson. While the series starts strong with an engaging storyline, some portions could use a bit more editing. However, it's worth the watch for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it promises more twists, new characters, and unexpected developments. Also hoping the momentum built in the early episodes carries through to a satisfying conclusion.


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