The murders are never going to stop at the Arconia, and before you ask why Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) could not move to a different apartment building, well, the ending of season 3 of Only Murders in the Building never gave them the time to do so. In fact, the last we saw of the trio, as they celebrated the success of Oliver's musical play and solved their latest murder mystery, they were clueless about the murder that had happened in one of their apartments. In fact, one of them could have been the victim! Only Murders in the Building Season 4 Confirmed! Steven Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez Set to Return to Hulu With a New Murder-Mystery!

Anyway, do you even want the trio to stop their murder podcast anytime soon? Not only does season 3 of the Hulu hit Only Murders in the Building provide a satisfying reveal of its central mystery, but it also lays the groundwork for the murder that Charles, Oliver, and Mabel will be solving with their podcast in the next season (which has already been confirmed). MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD...

Who's Ben's Killer?

In the previous episode of Only Murders in the Building, it was revealed that Donna (Linda Emond) could have poisoned Ben (Paul Rudd) by placing a poisoned cookie in his dressing room. Donna, suffering from stage 4 lung cancer, had wanted to see her son's maiden production become a big success.

A Still From Only Murders in the Building S3 (Photo Credits: Hulu)

She admits to the trio's podcast that she attempted to kill Ben when a scathing review of the play made her realise he could be a liability. Initially reluctant to confess that she tried to kill him again, successfully this time when the initial poison attempt failed, she eventually admitted to the killing when the trio showed her a handkerchief tainted with Ben's blood, which Loretta (Meryl Streep) had in her possession, and it had Donna's lipstick on it.

A Still From Only Murders in the Building S3 (Photo Credits: Hulu)

However, Mabel isn't entirely convinced. After witnessing Loretta reconciling with her son Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) and recalling her earlier interaction with Donna and Cliff (Wesley Taylor), she realises that Donna has taken responsibility for a murder she didn't commit, much like Loretta did for Dickie. Only Murders in the Building S3 Finale Review: Fans Hail Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez's Series For Giving Triple the Thrills.

The real murderer was Cliff, who killed Ben in a crime of passion. When Ben realised that Donna had tried to poison him while meeting Cliff outside his dressing room, he threatened to get Donna arrested and belittled Ben by calling him 'boy.' In the ensuing scuffle, Cliff pushed Ben, causing him to fall down the elevator shaft and die. Cliff also grabbed the handkerchief that Donna had placed in Cliff's pocket as a lucky charm.

A Still From Only Murders in the Building S3 (Photo Credits: Hulu)

After the play's success, Donna and Cliff are later arrested by the police for their roles in the murder.

The New Murder in the Building

While Oliver, Charles, and Mabel are celebrating the success of their play and solving the murder (and also saying goodbye to their love interests of the season), Sazz (Jane Lynch) makes an entrance to join their celebrations. Charles mentions bringing wine from his apartment made from special grapes.

A Still From Only Murders in the Building S3 (Photo Credits: Hulu)

In the next scene, we see someone dressed similarly to Charles entering his darkened apartment. However, that person is shot through the window, presumably with a sniper rifle. It becomes clear that the victim is not Charles but Sazz, who had gone to the apartment to bring the wine. The last we see of her, she is bleeding to death while writing something on the floor in her blood, and her friends are clueless about her apparent death. Since Sazz, who used to work as Charles's stunt double in his heyday, was dressed similarly to Charles, we can deduce that Charles was the intended victim, and poor Sazz was in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong clothes. It appears that her murder will be the next case the trio is likely to solve as they try to figure out who holds a murderous grudge against Charles and wanted him dead. Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Review: Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin’s Whodunit Returns with Another Clever and Thrilling Murder-Mystery.

Will Meryl Streep Return for Season 4?

Based on how the storyline concluded, it seems unlikely. Loretta gets her happy ending with her long-lost son, and even though she had a good time with Oliver, thanks to the appreciation for her performance and the success of the show, she's lured back to LA. This time, Oliver is more supportive of Loretta taking up movie and show roles that come her way, which means she'll have to relocate to Los Angeles, possibly permanently.

A Still From Only Murders in the Building S3 (Photo Credits: Hulu)

As a result, while Oliver may continue to mention Loretta in the next season, it's doubtful that Streep herself will make an appearance. Nevertheless, we'll keep our fingers crossed for a cameo! Speaking of Los Angeles and changing love lives, Mabel also loses her new love interest, Tobert (Jesse Williams), to the city, as he gets a new assignment in LA, and Mabel shows little interest in moving there. However, with a new murder to solve, maybe she should have considered the offer!

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