Permanent Roommates season 3 review: Sumit Vyas and Nidhi Singh became famous names after many discovered this wholesome series on YouTube. This was one of the first web shows that TVF designed and produced. Today, Permanent Roommates has a loyal fan base but over the seasons, the relatable quotient of the content has diluted significantly. Sumeet Vyas on the Journey of Permanent Roommates From Video to Audio.

Mitesh (Sumeet Vyas) and Tanya (Nidhi Singh) are in a live-in relationship. Their jobs are good and all they can do now is aim higher. Tanya wants to go abroad to have better career prospects but Mitesh isn't keen. He is yet to get over his father's death and feels really protective about his mother Lata (Sheeba Chaddha). The battle continues.

Given the fact that it's a TVF drama, you will find ample subplots that will match your own life. Like Mitesh and Tanya's neighbour Venkat (Sachin Pilgaonkar) explains to Lata why Mitesh doesn't want to truly go abroad or the time when you inadvertently make a friend who knows you more than you do, Permanent Roommates this season keeps you entertained with these moments.

What bothers me here is that Mikesh has good intentions at heart, yet his approach sometimes feels overly assertive. He often doesn't take into account what Tanya feels or wants to do. His gestures during their anniversary celebration are sweet but become somewhat overwhelming. It can be disconcerting. What's even more disturbing is there's no one making this point evident for Mikesh to understand. At times, the narrative subtly frames Tanya as indifferent and aloof, further complicating the dynamics. OTT Releases Of The Week: Mona Singh’s Kaala Paani on Netflix, Sumeet Vyas’s Permanent Roommate Season 3 On Amazon Prime Video & More

Content lacks stickiness. Even if you skip one episode, you won't miss anything because the entire season is on how Mitesh and Tanya deal with going abroad. It's a repetitive narrative that goes on a loop.  The reliability factor too loses credence later in the series as it doesn't deliver anything new or novel. TVF themselves have moved on to content that connect with you at deeper levels like Gullak. 

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Performances have never been an issue with Permanent Roommates. Both Sumeet and Nidhi are natural. They have such amazing and effortless chemistry, it often makes me wonder if they ever dated for real. Sheeba Chaddha is so endearing as a mother trying to understand the new-age funda of relationships. Sachin Pilgaonkar brings in a nice change of pace while Deepak Kumar Mishra as Purushottam is really funny.

Final Thoughts

Permanent Roommates season 3 is sure to pique the interest of its dedicated fanbase, as they eagerly tune in for more. However, while it delivers on the expected, it may not serve up anything groundbreaking. As a viewer, I found the constant imposition of Mikesh's ideas on Tanya to be somewhat irksome.  Permanent Roommates Season 3 now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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