Known for her remarkable Bollywood hit tracks like "Nainowale Ne" and "Ishq Wala Love", singer Neeti Mohan, who is seen as the judge on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023, said the individuality of the contestant is very important for her, and if somebody's voice touches her heart, it is the game basically. The singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa features Himesh Reshammiya, Neeti Mohan, Anu Malik as judges and Aditya Narayan as the host. Neeti is no stranger to the show, having previously served as a judge on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs in 2022 Talking to IANS, Neeti shared the pointers she keeps in mind for judging a contestant. "When I am listening to somebody, I am absolutely listening to them with an open mind, because they all bring something from where they come from- their roots, training, the kind of music they have heard. So if somebody's voice touches my heart, it is the game basically. Then you have won me. If you have something that is very 'you' about, your individuality is very important for me. And that makes you unique," she said. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023: Himesh Reshammiya Impressed by Contestants Singing, Offers Them Chance to Record Song.

Neeti shared: "If you sound like someone, and you have only heard that one voice, and you just want to sound like that one voice, I think then we have to guide them to listen to more singers, different kinds of music, so that you are able to do more kinds of music. It's important otherwise you will just have that one style, which might not take you very far in this career." About her association with the show, the 43-year-old singer said: "This was the show I watched when I was a little girl, who was just watching and learning. So it is an iconic show and it gives me immense privilege to be on a show like sare gama which inspires millions to make their career in music."

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"Last year, judging kids was so amazing, the kind of talent we heard was very promising. Their future's so bright. We had a blast with Shankar Mahadevan and Anu Malik. Judging seniors is very different, because they bring a lot of expertise and training in their voice, but I think it's amazing to hear new voices. I love it," she said. On her bond with co-judges Himesh and Anu, Neeti said she has immense love and respect for both of them. "For me I have sung for both these singers. They are very high-spirited people, passionate about what they do, they are passionate about new singers who are performing, and I enjoy watching them on how inspired they are by the new talents. We try to create a very happy and fun show, with a lot of talent and good singing happening," she said. Sharad Sharma, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Fame Singer, Expresses His Dream of Doing Playback Singing for Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.

Neeti, known for her song "Jiya R", called Himesh, an extremely passionate, super ambitious person, who is so driven, and charged up all the time. "From Anu ji I get a very different vibe. He is an icon in his own right, because of the kind of songs he has given, and he still says he has not done enough. When I see these two individuals who have given so much to the industry, and still want to do a lot more, it is very inspiring. And I actually represent the newer generation I would say. So when I sit with them I get to learn a lot," shared Neeti. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s new season is airing on Zee TV.

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