Sex Education Season 3 Series Review: Season 3 of Sex Education is one of the most refreshing pieces of television I have seen in a long bit. It’s a powerful coming-of-age drama that utilises its cast and story to its fullest potential. After the rather bummer of an ending of season 2, season 3 capitalises on that ending and delivers a story that doesn’t feel annoying or overbearing. Rather it’s a story about finding who oneself is and what’s our place in this vast magnitude of a world. Sex Education Season 3 New Trailer Showcases Maeve-Otis, Eric & Adam’s Complicated Relationship That Needs a Fix (Watch Video).

Sex Education Season 3 sees the school of Moordale go through some management changes after the sex-themed play of the last season. This results in a new headteacher coming in by the name of Hope portrayed by Jemima Kirke. At first Hope seems like the kind of teacher that everyone would like, but things take a turn for the worse as she starts shifting up the rules and alienating the goodwill of her students. Her character has that antagonistic vibe to her in the same way Umbridge from Harry Potter had. This makes for a good student vs the school plotline that helps shaking up things and making the story feel fresh. Sex Education Season 3 Trailer: Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey’s Netflix Show Is Returning With Double the Madness and Fun (Watch Video).

Most of our main characters again over here are great, especially Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey, but the season is stolen by Gillian Anderson and Connor Swindells who portray Jean and Adam respectively. Jean's relationship with Jakob and a new baby on the way allows her character to be vulnerable and seek help. It’s a weird thing seeing a therapist get therapy in themselves and is a great way to bring her character to a grounded level. With Adam we have a more animated character here who is finally acknowledging his feelings and trying to act upon them. That just made his story the more compelling out of everyone else’s as he is on a pursuit to discover himself. All the characters are great so much so that I genuinely got choked up a couple of times in the final few episodes. On the emotional scale this is the best season yet.

Talking about discovering themselves, this was a major theme of the season. Every character who found themselves to be weird, they had an arc to them which eventually led them to being comfortable with themselves and that felt so heartwarming. The show was already diverse in nature of its characters, but seeing non-binary characters being introduced just upped the ante and made me feel happy. Its great seeing so much diversity being showcased at such a huge platform, in a way it helped me better understand the wider spectrum of the LGBTQIA community. Not to mention just how open this show is in talking about sex. It perfectly portrays the stigma of it in the modern world and lives up to its name of educating us about sex.

Now, of course, the main arc of the story over here is about Otis and Maeve. I don’t know if many fans will be satisfied with the outcome of it, but I felt like it helped showcase how much these characters have grown and gave a mature conclusion to it. I was honestly surprised with the way it wrapped up this season because I feel the writers came up with a solid middle ground. It has me so excited about where the next season will lead to because again I have no clue where the story can go from here.

Sex Education Season 3 Trailer:

But…. Not all is perfect in the town of Moordale. There is a particular character I felt was done really wrong this season. Someone that you may have felt was a large part of this story, but for the second half just feels ignored. I wish they had more involvement in the final few episodes than just one quick scene. But it still doesn’t distract from the larger plot of the show, and it still amazingly sticks the landing.


- Great Antagonist

- Diverse Story and Characters

-Gillian Anderson and Connor Swindells

- Showcases Great Maturity in its Story

- Amazing LGBTQIA Representation


- A Certain Character Ends up Feeling Ignored

Final Thoughts

In an ever changing world where diversity and sex are still reluctantly being discussed, Sex Education shines as a bright example of why these concepts should be embraced. Season 3 was a great fill of humorous and heartfelt storytelling that should be definitely watched if you have a Netflix subscription.


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