The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth," a gripping four-episode docuseries directed by Uraaz Bahl and Shaana Levy, explores the intricacies of the highly-debated Sheena Bora case. The series delves into the motives behind Indrani Mukerjea's alleged cold-blooded murder of Sheena Bora, a crime that has captivated the nation. As viewers grapple with unanswered questions surrounding the case, the docuseries presents a compelling narrative that delves into the heart of the mystery. Will Indrani Mukerjea answer the nation's burning questions, unravelling the secrets buried within this complex tale? The Indrani Mukerjea Story - Buried Truth: Netflix Announces True-Crime Docuseries Unraveling Sheena Bora Murder Case.

The trailer clearly suggests that each character in the story possesses distinctiveness and pursues their individual motives. It offers a glimpse into the Netflix documentary, illuminating the notorious alleged murder case that ignited intense media interest. The subsequent events shook Mumbai’s high society and the country at large, permanently altering the lives of the Mukerjea and Bora families.

Film Companion: The Sheena Bora murder case is an inextricable sound of modern Mumbai lore. Over time, the term has become more of a descriptive phase: The name is now synonymous with the act. It also embodies the new Eat-the-Rich sub-genre of social conditioning. For years, a nation has morbidly watched skeletons tumbling out the closet of a dysfunctional wealthy family. The death is almost incidental to the twisted drama that followed. It was always more of a haw-dunnit than a whodunnit – the gasps have outnumbered the sighs. The facts go thus. Twenty five-year-old Sheena Bora goes missing in Mumbai on April 24, 2012. Her family – primarily media-tycoon ‘sister’ Indrani Mukerjea, and Indrani’s third husband Peter Mukerjea – claim she went abroad for further studies. A month later, Sheena’s charred corpse is found in the woods of Raigad.

Times Now: Indrani's children Vidhie and Mekhail Bora's interviews and perspective remain the most compelling. They open up about some of the most painful moments of their young lives. We also see Indrani's interactions with her advocates as they allude to allegations of a cover up within the case. Her lawyer also states that he has never lost a murder case. But even with all the murky facts and details about the case, there are so many details of which still don't add up. Audiences will get to know a lot about Indrani and those connected to her but will walk away at the end with more questions than answers in the muddled case. All four episodes of The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth are now streaming on Netflix. The Indrani Mukerjea Story: CBI Moves Mumbai Court To Stop Netflix Broadcast of Indrani Mukerjea’s Documentary Series.

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Indian Express: The show doesn’t exactly point fingers at her parenting, although, despite Indrani’s best efforts (or perhaps because of them), it’s virtually impossible to feel any sympathy for her. While her actual culpability in Sheena’s death hasn’t been proven, she admits on camera to having essentially abandoned her as a child, and doesn’t bat an eye before demanding why she, Indrani, is expected to feel sorry for her daughter. She blames Sheena for bringing her nothing but endless inconvenience for lacking the decency to not disappear. Indrani’s new position, by the way, is that Sheena is alive and well.

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