Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, September 12, 2018: Rajat Destroys All Evidence Against Himself And Frames Ishita For Blackmail
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Dr. Rajat waking up in the hotel after a drunk night. He gets a call from the hospital warning him about the uproar against him.

He assures the hospital authorities that he will handle the situation and not let the hospital be dragged into this. He calls the hotel manager and asks him to keep his identity under wraps and also pays him for it.

Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) tries to get to the doctor but the manager lies to her saying there is no one with that name there. Ishita gets Rajat’s call who asks her to text him her address and that he will come to her house.

Ishita threatens him and says that she will make him pay for what he did to Raman(Karan Patel) and other patients. The Bhalla house waits for the doctor. Simmi says that she will punish the doctor for what he did to Raman.(Also Read: Ishita And Raman Are Shocked to Find Out That His Neurosurgeon is an Alcoholic)

Neelu gets a call from a lottery person saying she has won a huge amount. She gets all excited and wants to tell Ishita. She sees them all worried and decides against it.

Later the guy calls her again saying he cannot find her house and Neelu will need to come down for collecting the money. Neelu happily agrees and walks down. Rajat walks in and Ishita accuses him of killing patients and also putting Raman’s life at risk.

The doctor asks her if she has any proof. The woman whose husband passed away says that they will do a postmortem on the body. Rajat says that the body has already been cremated by the woman’s brother in law. The doctor then accuses Ishita and Raman of blackmailing him for money.

Neelu gets 1crore from the man who turns out to be the associate of Rajat. The press walks in and they also sieze the money from the house. Simmi asks Neelu and she is inconsolable.

Simmi tries to expose the doctor with Neelu’s help bit in vain as the associate on phone says that Raman and Ishita had demanded that amount from the doctor.