In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), Armaan reassures Abhira that he'll support her until she is independent, emphasising he won't force a husband-wife relationship. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 7, 2023 Written Update: 'Heartbroken' Abhira Faints While Performing Akshara’s Last Rites.

Meanwhile, Rohit faces playful obstacles from his siblings who demand money before allowing him into his room. Amidst banter, Rohit eventually reaches his room. Manisha suggests Vidya marry Armaan next. Rohit enters the room making Ruhi uncomfortable. He compliments Ruhi, attempting intimacy. However, Ruhi, despite acknowledging their recent marriage, expresses discomfort. Rohit proposes building their relationship through friendship before becoming lovers.

On the other side, Armaan advises Abhira to take her time bidding farewell to her past, considering her home as her late mother. Vidya calls Armaan, sensing his distress, and encourages him, emphasising that some things are beyond control. Vidya later updates the grandmother about Armaan's loss. Grandmother urges Vidya to find a grounded wife for Armaan, assuring her that the chosen wife will be loved deeply.

Elsewhere, Yuvraj blames Sanjay for Armaan's interference, threatening to kill Armaan. Sanjay questions Armaan's actions in Mussoorie

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The next day, Vidya and Manisha discuss the family's preference for Kheer. Ruhi hesitates upon hearing Armaan's name but composes herself, with Rohit's support. Grandmother appreciates Ruhi's Kheer, expressing her love for Rohit, while Rohit claims Armaan is the most beloved.

In a different setting, Armaan and Abhira discover a hotel room decorated for honeymooners, triggering memories of their time at the resort. The episode concludes with their shocked reactions as they ask the attendant to remove the rose petals.

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