His unaverred passion, combined with his zest for infusing people with the right coaching, has earned him great respect and recognition.
Isn't it always surreal to know and learn about all those people who exude a different level of vibe, energy, passion and commitment, when it comes to their areas of interest or work? Well, the world is filled with many such talented beings across different business sectors and industries, but only a few of them have been able to go ahead in making waves as true blue professionals. However, some other rare gems also make their unique niche by going a step further and helping others become successful as well. We came across one such passionate being, a man of substance and multiple talents, whose purpose is to leave the world better than the way he found it through his courses, webinars and coaching; he is Kelly Cardenas from the US.
Ask him what drove him towards becoming the beacon of light and hope he has become for many brands, people and businesses, and the astute professional quickly replies saying, "To make a difference, a positive one, something that can help people thrive and motivate them to spread on this positivity and hope in others through the success they gain." Today, Kelly Cardenas is known across the world for being one of the top-notch Forbes Contributors, authors, and podcasters while also being the founder and CEO of a national multi-million dollar brand and an incredible cultural efficiency coach.
If it is about constructing a culture, it is Kelly Cardenas; such is the momentum and the success this passionate man has earned so far in his career through his outstanding courses, webinars, e-books and coaching. Across the health and beauty industry, for his passion for the same, Kelly Cardenas has been working with a strong resolve to help build people and their business. As an inspirational speaker and coach, he thrives off of two foundational truths that his father raised him on; first, one must build people and then allow the people to build the business and second, all those who seek to be the best in the business and live out their full potential, then they have found the right guy.
Kelly Cardenas firmly believes in the power of building a strong culture, as that is how brands and businesses can have a long-lasting impact. 'People' are at the core of the system he has created and he believes that taking out the best in a person will inevitably help in thriving the business. He has become the sought-after man in the industry as a coach, author and speaker and constructs a culture that enables sustainable growth across all aspects of the business.