Ramadan 2018 Moon Sighted in Saudi Arabia, Watch Live Streaming of Taraweeh Namaz on Makkah TV Online Here
The timings shared here are in accordance with Sunni Hanafi school of thought | (Photo Credits: Getty)

Riyadh, May 16: The crescent moon of Ramadan-ul-Kareem, also referred to as Ramzan, was not sighted in Saudi Arabia and other parts of Middle East on Tuesday. As a result, it was expected to be sighted today by default. With the moon being sighted and the month of Ramadan beginning, the special Taraweeh prayers would be held each night, begging today post Namaz-e-Isha. The live streaming of Taraweeh from Masjid al-Haram could be viewed on Makkah TV 24X7 Online via the embedded link below.

While Ramadan fasts would begin from tomorrow in the Middle East and the West, the moon sighting process is underway in the eastern part of the world, including South Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For live updates on moon sighting in India, read here.

Watch live streaming of Taraweeh Namaz on Makkah TV Online here: 

Ramadan 2018 dates in Indian subcontinent:

If the Ramadan moon gets sighted today, the Taraweeh Namaz - the special prayers held every night post Isha'a namaz during the holy month - would begin today. The prayers, held over 27 nights of Ramadan, narrate the entire Quran in fixed daily proportions.

Sighting of the Ramadan moon today will begin the obligatory fasts for Muslims from tomorrow. The believers are duty-bound to fast from dawn to dusk, without consuming even an ounce of water.

Since the Ramadan moon was sighted in the Middle East today, Islamic scholars are of the view that it will be viewed in South Asia and the Indian Subcontinent tomorrow.