Where Is Rahul Gandhi? Netizen are Missing Karnataka Assembly Election's Star Campaigner!
File Image | Congress President Rahul Gandhi (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, May 16: The Congress Party who was in power in Karnataka has been dealt a major blow after the election results were declared. Interestingly, the state is experiencing a major political drama with a new development turning up every minute on national television channels. But Rahul Gandhi who rigorously campaigned has not made any public statement so far. Nor has BJP's party president Amit Shah reacted on the mandate.

Both the leaders seem to have decided to remain silent and it is believed that the chankayas of the own parties (Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi) are observing the developments from the national capital Delhi. Though all the three -- Modi, Shah and Gandhi -- fiercely held rallies and attacked each other, indulging in verbal spats to impress the voters, have now chosen to remain mum. Therefore, now with sudden disappearance, speculations are been made in the political sphere regarding the whereabouts of Rahul Gandhi. Netizens have also come up with a hashtag asking #WhereisRahulGandhi?

A Twitter user in one of the tweets, sarcastically remarked that Rahul must have moved to foreign countries for some time. While another tweeted saying that Rahul is heading for a holiday, after the party defeat in Karnataka.



In a variety of tweets, Rahul Gandhi has been slammed for the defeat on microblogging sites.

Soon after the results were announced by the election commission of India, the people of  Karnataka gave their mandate for a hung assembly, as not a single party managed to gain a majority, who can stake their claims to form a government. With BJP becoming a single largest party with 104 legislators, just less by 8 legislators less from a majority on one end and on another end Congress JD(S) pact taking their tally towards 112, the fate of the government hangs by a balance.