Mumbai, June 28: People in Navi Mumbai and Thane stay alert as a paedophile who has raped, molested 12 kids is on the loose. According to a report on Mid Day, the pervert has allegedly sexually assaulted children between the age of 9 and 14. He usually attracts children to secluded spots on the pretext of delivering parcels for their family members, however there are  other methods too which he applies to lure the innocent kids.

The Thane crime branch and Navi Mumbai police have launched a hunt to track the culprit who has struck terror into the hearts of parents. According to the report, the accused changes his looks from time to time, but his build, walk, and modus-operandi remains the same. The pervert has raped and molested 12 kids in the last one and a half years

The paedophile would keep a close watch on the family and the girl whom he plans to target for a long time. There are several other methods which he has applied in the past to trick the parents and the child. He has committed the crime in Nalasopara, Vashi, Kharghar, and many other places in Mumbai.

Therefore, keep your eyes, and ears open, don't trust anyone and tell your children about the child pervert, who is on the loose these days. Inform your family members and neighbours too, so they are well aware of it. Teach your children, few tricks and self defence methods on how they should protect themselves from such perverts.

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