Kolkata, May 24: Shilasti Rahman, the purported girlfriend of the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim Anar, has been detained in Dhaka amid revelations suggesting her pivotal role in the crime. Rahman's involvement in what appears to be a honeytrap scenario has brought new dimensions to the investigation, shedding light on the complexities surrounding Anar's murder.

According to multiple reports, Anar's journey to Kolkata on May 12 for medical treatment took a sinister turn as he disappeared shortly thereafter, with his last known whereabouts traced to a luxurious apartment complex in New Town, where investigators believe he was killed and dismembered. The discovery of his dismembered body parts, packed into plastic packets and scattered across the city, shocked both Kolkata and Dhaka, prompting a frantic search for answers. Anwarul Azim Anar Death: Bangladeshi MP's Body Minced Into Pieces To Hide Identity, West Bengal CID Arrests Butcher; US Citizen Identified as Mastermind.

Amid the unfolding investigation, Shilasti Rahman emerged as a central figure suspected of luring Anar into a deadly trap. Reports suggest that Rahman, accompanied by the main killer, Amanullah Aman, facilitated Anar's visit to the Kolkata flat under the direction of mastermind Akhtaruzzaman Shahin. Shahin's alleged orchestration of the honey trap underscores the calculated nature of the crime. Rahman's detainment in Dhaka signals a pivotal development in the case as authorities scrutinise her role in the meticulously planned murder. Anwarul Azim Anar Death: Video of Two Hitmen Leaving With Luggage After Allegedly Killing Bangladeshi MP in Kolkata Surfaces, Police Recover CCTV Footage of Apartment.

The subsequent concealment of the crime further implicates Rahman in the elaborate cover-up. With Rahman's interrogation underway, investigators aim to unravel the complexities surrounding Anar's death and establish a clearer understanding of the motives driving such a heinous act. As authorities intensify their interrogation of Rahman and piece together the events leading up to Anar's death, the case continues to unravel a web of deceit and betrayal.

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