From the word “Decentralized’, an idea of what DeFi means should pop-up in your mind. It is simply a financial ecosystem whose goal is to provide an open to all, unrestricted platform that is accountable to each of its users. The trading power does not lie in anybody’s hand, and everyone is able to maintain full control over their trading options with other people in this web.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) has shifted the dependence on traditional finance institutions like Banks, Mortgages homes, brokers on to a more advanced system. Allowing all trading information to be stored in blocks and then strung together into chains with a time stamp, which can be viewed by all its users, there is no better way to show transparency.

It is worth mentioning that this transparent system is not the big deal for most people. It is the ease of usage. This factor is responsible for the rise in the number of Decentralized Finance Marketplaces and Projects.This is the platform where new ideas, innovations are brought out, tried, tested and confirmed to work. It is the dynamic part of DeFi allowing every project to come up with its own unique features and solutions in solving problems encountered in the DeFiworld. The intelligent and well thoughtones allow users to make trades with each other’s wallet at a reduced rate, without the need of a middle man.

Some projects further create smart contracts, decentralized prediction markets, and other features to make things easy for its traders. ASI is one of such projects. The very first to implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is no doubt worth looking into.



The brightest and most gifted human minds fail sometimes, and since investing in crypto currency is a risky business act in itself, care must be taken to ensure that only the best decisions are taken. That is the reason finance initiates the use of Artificial Super Intelligence machine to combat this challenge of “unbiased emotionless decisions”. This type of AI is not limited to only mimicking or knowing how the human brain and actions works, it eventually becomes self aware in order to surpass the capacity of human intelligence and ability.


When ASI is bought from Uniswap; where it is listed, the amount of bought is what determines your score. This core is then multiplied by the amount bought to give your holding share for when the rewards of ASI will be distributed.

As a participant of the ASI project, rewards that automatically increase in your wallet are earned on joining the platform. These rewards, dependent on ASI score and ASI token amount, increases your score when you hold up or top up your wallet.

On all transactions, you pay a fee determined by your ASI score, which is shared amongst all token holders. But not to worry, as a friction-less token, all rewards on ASI are immediately reflected in the owner’s wallet.


DEFI projects face security threats that cannot be overlooked. A lot of bots are bugging other trades, making the market unattractive and sometimes preventing real traders from enjoying the platform’s full benefits. ASI takes care of this by cutting off 5% out of their transactions as penalty, and then distributes it as reward to current holders of ASI.

Since there does not seem to be one way to identify if a trader employs the use of bots without getting in the way of traders doing their jobs successfully, as an ASI finance trader you need to wait for 30 minutes to be able to sell your full ASI token amount based on your score, otherwise you will be seen as a bot.

There are several features and peculiarities of ASI. All of these are in a bid to show that it is a credible platform that is all out in the best interest of its token holders and all its participants. ASI DeFi project is one that is aimed to, and that will take control of finance from centralized institutions and place it in the hands of a free community and individuals. ASI is the token to be hold; its plans say so.