Guwahati, February 6: A love triangle that resulted in a vicious murder at a five-star hotel in Guwahati, Assam on Monday, February 6, was quickly resolved before the accused could take a flight to Kolkata, which is located half a thousand kilometres away from the region. At the Azara Hotel close to the Guwahati Airport, Sandip Suresh Kambli, 42, was discovered deceased yesterday afternoon. Anjali Shaw, 25, and her lover Rakesh Shaw, 27, were scheduled to go to Kolkata later that evening, but due to an early police action, they were apprehended prior to their arrival at the airport.

The incident came to the fore after the hotel staff saw Pune-based auto trader Kambli lying on his room's floor, heavily bleeding from his nose. Love Triangle Leads To Murder in Mumbai, Bank Employee Kills Colleague for Having Affair With His Ex-Girlfriend.

According to reports, Anjali, who worked at the airport café in Kolkata, was romantically involved with Kambli, whom she had made friends with there the previous year. But since Anjali was already seeing Rakesh, who had been urging her to get married, this created problems. Anjali revealed during her interrogation that the victim had private photos of her on his phone, which further compounded the situation.

Anjali and Rakesh decided to confront Kambli about those pictures as a result of this. Originally scheduled to meet at the airport in Kolkata, Kambli changed the meeting location to Guwahati, where he made reservations at a five-star hotel. After taking a joint flight to Guwahati, the couple split up there. Unbeknownst to Kambli, Rakesh reserved a room for himself at the same hotel. Kambli reportedly met Anjali in the city as planned, and the two of them checked into the hotel together. Rakesh arrived independently in the interim. Mumbai: Love Triangle Turns Ugly, Youth Beheads Friend Over Girl in Virar.

Rakesh's arrival during their meeting infuriated Kambli, and a brawl broke out between them. Kambli was hurt during the altercation, and the pair ran away as a result. Additionally, they confiscated Kambli's two cell phones, which were purported to contain their private images. Later that day, Rakesh made a phone call that alerted the hotel management, who then notified the city police in Guwahati. In order to identify the two suspects, the police quickly searched through the hotel registration, CCTV video, and airport passenger list. Before they could board the 9:15 pm flight to Kolkata, Anjali and Rakesh were apprehended in the vicinity of the hotel. The police are still looking into the case as they attempt to put together what happened before and during their altercation.


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