Bakra Eid 2018 Preparations: Prices Sky-High at Mumbai's Deonar Cattle Market, Only 1/5th of Over 1.5 Lakh Goats Sold, No Takers for Buffaloes Yet
Goats at the Deonar Mandi | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: Screengrab YouTube/AICreation)

Mumbai, Aug 18: Muslims who are frequenting the Deonar cattle market ahead of Bakra Eid have complained of "sky-high prices", claiming that the goats are being sold at the twice the prices vis-a-vis the previous year. Stock details released by the Deonar Abattoir validate their claim as only 1/5th of the over 1.5 lakh goats brought to the market have been sold so far.

Dr Yogesh Shetye, general manager of the Deonar abattoir, said a total of 1,58,218 goats have been brought to the cattle market in the last eight days. Till F8pm on Friday, only 29,907 goats from the above lot were sold.

Shetye further added that there are no takers so far for the buffaloes up for sale. A total of 5,743 buffaloes are lined up for sale in the Deonar market.

The abbatori general manager said the buffaloes are likely to be sold on the final day as the buyers would slaughter the animals in the market itself, rather than transporting them to the local butchers.

On prices being exorbitantly pegged by the sellers, Shetye said the rates are expected to climb down over the weekend, as more stock of goats will be unloaded at the cattle market. Citing the pattern each year before Bakra Eid, the official said rates will only downslide three days before the festival.

According to Salim Shaikh, a Taloja-based butcher who procures cattle from Deonar for sale in Navi Mumbai region, the rates will be determined on the basis of stock which will be unloaded over the weekend.

"If the number of unsold goats keep swelling, the traders will have no other option but to pragmatically bring down the rates. But if less than 2 lakh goats remain till Monday, the prices may continue to remain high," he said.