Spend some time scrolling through social media, and you are sure to come across accounts featuring drop-dead gorgeous women, sporting swimsuits and lounging on yachts in scenic, exotic locales. (Or perhaps just enjoying a day out at the pool!) These Instagram hotties are enjoying quite a bit of success bringing engaging content to followers online, and building massive media empires that many long to be a part of.

What is it like behind the camera for these online models? To get an idea as to what it's like to be famous online, we sat down with Emily Knight, a gorgeous 21-year-old model and online influencer who has amassed millions of followers with her looks and infectious personality. Emily pulled back the curtain to give us an idea as to what the life of an influencer is really like!

What would your fans be surprised to learn about you?

 I think that people would be surprised to learn that I’m a cowgirl-turned-hair stylist-turned-model. I grew up on a farm in Northern California surrounded by chickens and horses, so I know how to take care of myself!

But even chickens were cleaner than some of the gross people I worked with in the barber industry. I loved getting tips for helping people have fun, but I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

What side of Emily do we see online?

When it comes to my social media presence, what you see is what you get! Honestly. I love showing off my body online for my fans, but I am also a normal girl who loves to lounge around in sweatpants and no makeup. I’m really just like everyone else, I just love to have fun and take pics in a micro-bikini every once in a while!

Is there a secret to how you post your content?s

I guess when it comes to picking what to post, I try not to go all in. My Instagram is all about teasing people with my pictures and posts that give you just a taste of what I’m all about! I also love to post my everyday life and adventures, like hanging out with friends, being funny, and everything that comes with just being a 21-year-old living in Cali!”

Tell us a bit of the strange and unexpected side of your job.

When you are in the online modeling world and post a lot online, you are bound to get some crazy requests from fans. I’ve had people DM me and ask for posts like my dirty underwear, feet videos and pictures. Sometimes it gets even weirder - things like farting into the camera, burping, and sleeping on camera!

But I’m up for anything, so that helps me keep my fans happy. I think that the best part of my job as an online model and influencer is knowing I’m living it up and enjoying my youth to the fullest possible extent. I can’t ask for more than that in life!

Want to see more of the beautiful Emily Knight? You can see more of this bombshell, as well as keep up with her latest adventures by following her online at @emilyknight.tv.

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