Successful stock trader and founder of Prosperity Trading, David Kang, highlights spirituality as a major factor in achieving his feat

David Kang founded Prosperity Trading with the primary goal of helping as many people as possible to become educated traders who are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to consistently make profits in the stock market. While David might be known for his success in recent times, not only as a trader but also as a coach, not too many people are aware of the challenges he faces and overcomes in the pursuit of his goals.

Coming from a lower-middle-class family, David had always wanted to become a professional violinist. However, his freshmen year of college was the catalyst that changed his life forever. At 19, David Kang overheard his classmates talking about stocks, and in his inquisitive nature, he asked about it and was recommended to checkout StockTwits. This launched David into the fray of stock trading. The young, broke, naïve, and desperate teenager dumped all his $2,000 savings into a stock recommended by a trader he followed on StockTwits. This was the beginning of David’s journey into trading stocks.

The decision to establish Prosperity Trading was inspired by the need to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with tons of people across the globe and the passionate trader seems to have done pretty well in a relatively short while.

When he was asked about the factors that have helped him to record tremendous success as a trader and entrepreneur, David mentioned planning and taking action. “My secret to success always has been to first vision my goals/what I want, write them down, think/pray about them religiously, plan-ahead, and then take immediate action. When I want something, I stay laser-focused, committed, work hard, and then also play hard 1 day out of the weekend,” said David Kang. “Playing hard is important as you need to let out all that hard work of energy you absorbed before you get burnt out. This is how I maintain a constant flow of energy to get things done consistently,” David continued.

David and his team at Prosperity Trading have helped to create financially stable individuals worldwide. The company offers a plethora of trading resources, including trading courses, videos, eBooks, scanners/tools, 24/7 chatroom, a platform to network with hundreds of top traders, live picks/alerts/signals, and live voice commentary with screen share to lead traders to victory.