New Delhi, December 2: A Manipuri man from the Meitei community, his wife and sisters were beaten by a group of people belonging to the Poumai community in southeast Delhi, an official said on Saturday, adding that a probe has been launched to nab the perpetrators. The official said that the quarrel broke out between the two side after they alleged each other of insulting the females accompanying them.

The Sunlight Colony police station received a call at around 2.30 a.m. on Friday regarding a quarrel in Kilokari village. “During enquiry, it was revealed that there was a quarrel and a person was beaten, who was taken to a hospital for treatment in a PCR van. In the meantime, information regarding a medico-legal case (MLC) was received and a police team at AIIMS collected the report of the injured, a native of Manipur who is presently residing at Jeevan Nagar, Ashram,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast), Rajesh Deo said. DTC Bus Fight: Women, Girls Engage in Ugly Brawl Over Seat on Bus in Delhi, Pull Each Other's Hair; Video Goes Viral.

Delhi Brawl Video

"As per the MLC, the man sustained abrasions on his knees, redness, swelling in the eyes, and swelling on the left side of the forehead. Later, the victim arrived at the police station and provided a written complaint," the DCP said.

"In his statement, the complainant mentioned that on Thursday at around 11.30 p.m., after dinner, he, along with his sister, friend, and wife, was on the way to drop a friend at his place in the area. On the way, three people, including one female, approached them and requested assistance in booking an Uber ride to Munirka online, as their phone battery was dead. While waiting for the ride confirmation, one of them began verbally abusing and insulting them. The situation escalated, leading to a physical assault on his wife and sister," he added. Delhi Brawl Video: Customers Throw Slaps, Punches at Croma Store Employees for Not Selling iPhone 15 Pro in Kamla Nagar.

“During the quarrel they made a PCR call and within 2-3 minutes they were surrounded by several persons who started beating them,” the victim stated in his complaint. The DCP said that the accused persons have been identified, and it has been confirmed that it was not any tribal or ethnic clash. The complainant and the accused are all residents of Manipur.

“The victim belongs to the Meitei community, while the alleged perpetrators belong to the Poumai community. Two girls have been identified, who were seen in the video. The other accused individuals are identified as Vielsielou, Marizo, Alex, and James,” said the DCP.

“The victim's party was taking a stroll, and the accused party was escorting a few friends after a party at Vielsielou's house. The two groups crossed paths, leading to the altercation,” he added.

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